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Thursday, July 10, 2014, 7:11:07 AM- The Fly
This isn't a Hollywood saga, but a saga it was.

Every now and then I get a flying insect of some sort in the house, who doesn't? So a while back I bought a fly light thingy. It has a light that attracts flying insects and a sticky pad behind it so to trap said insect. Simple enough, yes?

Today while preparing dinner I noticed a fly doing what flies will do, which is flying around. Normally there would be nothing wrong with that if it were outside except it was in my kitchen. I can't have that. I recall a couple of years ago I had a glass of beer, good beer, sitting on my kitchen counter and there was a fly sitting on the lip. Well, as far as I was concerned the fly owned that beer at that point. Problem was two fold, (1) I don't buy beer for flys, (2) the fly didn't finish the beer. So that beer had to be poured down the drain and the fly had to be dealt with. Not wanting a repeat of such a tragedy I plugged in the device and set in by the window where the fly was buzzing around.

After several minutes the fly noticed the light and landed on the sticky pad. But being full of energy he managed to become free. I thought, I wonder if it will have a sense of danger about the device and now avoid it. It made me think about us people who do things we know we shouldn't but do it anyway. Well, in another minute the fly walked back on the sticky pad. I looked at it closely and saw this time it was on it's side, one wing on the sticky pad. He won't get free of that, I thought. After several minutes I noticed he was buzzing around the kitchen again, but this time I noticed it had lost some energy, was flying much slower. Again I wondered, will it have a sense of danger and avoid the narcotic allure of the light? But alas, he soon found his way on the sticky pad yet again, just as someone with a bad habit who should know better but does it again. Will he get away again? Will it really matter?

Well the third time was the charm and that's where this saga ends. It ran out of gas and stayed put this time. Out of respect for the victim, no pics will be posted.
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"Like the moth to the flame! :) x
- willow01

Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 7:49:41 AM- Tow Maters
I'm doing a little container gardening this year. I have 6 tomato plants and a few herbs. I planted about a month ago. I was looking at them yesterday, they look real good so far, and I noticed there are a few tomatoes on the vine! They're small and green right now, but it's just a matter of time now.

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"mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy"
- tight_wet_lips

Monday, June 16, 2014, 6:36:54 AM- Everything Is Getting Old Here
It's been a while since I blogged. Here's what's going on with me, well, at least some of what's going on.

Everything in my house is getting old (including me, lol). Two years ago my 30 year old air cond broke down during a heat wave, so I had to scramble to get a replacement. Last month my 28 year old water heater failed. Again, I found myself scrambling to get it replaced. I'm the kind of person who prefers to get a good value when I make a large purchase but that is hard to do when I am reacting to a break down. So I decided I will start replacing my aging appliances while they still have some life in them. My fridge was 24 years old so that was first on my list. Heck, I don't want to have it fail and then have to drink warm beer while I wait for a replacement to arrive.

So I set out to research fridges. The main criteria was that (1) it be at least as large as my old one, (2) it has to fit through the narrow kitchen door. I found one that is slightly larger than the old one and by my calculations would fit. So I ordered it with the assurance that if it doesn't fit they would take it back with no penalty to me. It fit, with a 1/4 inch to spare! And it's much more energy efficient. A bonus since we are looking a huge increase in electric rates starting next month. Plus I have a clean fridge now (the old one was needing a cleaning). Yeah, that's how a man takes care of a dirty fridge...........

The next thing was my clothes washer and dryer. My old dryer was 24 years old and washer was 20. Plus I've been wanting a front loader for a long time. They are much more efficient. So I did my research and made my selections, they were delivered a week ago. It's hard to get excited about laundry, but those things are nice.

My wallet has taken a bit of a hit, so that's all for a little while. But next on the list is the over the range microwave oven (it's the kind that also serves as the range hood). My current one is 24 years old. I'm going to do that soon. And then my dishwasher is 14 years old, but I think that has a couple of years of life in it yet. That'll be last.
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"My dishwasher is 45 years old. She's a pretty damn good cook too."
- mysilver_years

Friday, January 03, 2014, 8:03:00 AM- There's Snow In The Air
A few pics from my snow encrusted world.

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"It;s 61 here by the beach...but it will be 18 tomorrow...quit sending your cold air here Lenny...Great pics"
- By-the-Sea

Thursday, December 26, 2013, 9:35:28 PM- Unintended Consequences
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- juicy

Thursday, November 14, 2013, 3:30:20 AM- An Amazing Transformation, a pictorial
You may remember this pumpkin from my Sept 1 blog.

Did you know that pumpkin is a super food, rich in nutrients? So what do you do with it when you're not carving Jack O Lanterns, turn it into pie or perhaps soup? Those are all good things but did you know there is something else it is good for?

First prepare it for roasting, quarter it and brush it with a little butter.

Roast that puppy until it is golden and tender.

Puree it, mix it with some flour, sugar, spices etc and dish it out into some donut pans.

Bake it to perfection.

They're a little heavy but tasty. A very good pumpkin delivery system. Especially when made with a pumpkin that was purloined from an unsuspecting neighbor!
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"Those look good!"
- MarkandLacey

Thursday, October 31, 2013, 7:20:56 AM- Tighty's Halloween Blog Challenge
I decided I'll be The Great Pumpkin this year (reference to the Charlie Brown Halloween show) although I won't be visiting the pumpkin patch. This is an adults only costume.

Be sure to look at the other Halloween blog challenge participants, which are (or will be) guitartxn, KaioticEvil, hornyman1155, Tardis, Whispermyname, youaremyman, MarkandLacey, masterstoy91, d_licious_d, sidders73, Showy_Showy, nickey69
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"why so serious! ... good job with the challenge lenny. :] ~Lake"
- MrMrsFX

Friday, October 18, 2013, 5:37:56 PM- Oil Update
My cousin who has put himself in charge of this told me a number of years ago our uncle had some pipes put in the ground. He was out there recently and found oil as well as natural gas coming up. He found a company that is interested in drilling it. The person who currently has the controlling interest (that part is a little complicated and I'm not going into a big explanation) has signed a oil and gas lease with that company. But it needs ratification by the nieces and nephews. It's entirely possible this thing could be pumping out $$$ relatively soon. There are more than 20 of us so I'm not expecting great wealth but some pocket money is always welcome. But there is a fly in ointment. The lease needs to be ratified by the nieces and nephews and one of them decided the make himself invisible several years ago. We have no idea where he is. I hope the oil company can find a work around on that.
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"U will get so many new friends lol"
- evie106

Saturday, September 14, 2013, 5:40:20 PM- An Oil Baron?
A number of years ago a dear uncle passed away. He owned a little spread on which he raised cattle. That wasn't his livelihood, he was a judge. But having grown up on a farm and living in Texas it was easy for him to stay close to his roots. The little ranch has oil in the ground. He tried unsuccessfully to interest oil companies in it. There is a big cost to extracting the oil and they were only interested in larger finds. When he passed he left the ranch to his nieces and nephews because he wanted the land to stay in the family in the hopes that someday someone will benefit from the oil. One of my cousins has contacted my brother and reported he has been contacted by an oil company who is interested in the mineral rights. I'm going to talk to him later today and get the details. There are a lot of us so I don't expect to get wealthy from this, but maybe some pocket change will be nice.

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"Nice surprise!"
- lovitt

Monday, September 02, 2013, 3:15:48 AM- It's The Great Pumpkin!
The Great Pumpkin paid me a visit. I took a look at the fence in my backyard and saw something round and orange suspended above the ground. Close inspection revealed a nice sugar pumpkin. I took a look through the fence and saw my neighbor has a pumpkin patch. One of the vines made it's way through the fence and sported a small, ripe nicely shaped pumpkin.

What's on your side of the fence belongs to you, doesn't it? I didn't want a coyote, raccoon, squirrel or other rodent getting it, so I rescued it. I'm now the proud owner of a very fresh sugar pumpkin!
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"your side of the property line. so when should I expect a punkin pie?"
- 12gaugefan

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