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Friday, October 16, 2015, 9:11:36 PM- For You Coffee Drinkers
There is coffee and then there is coffee.

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"Thank you, Lenny! Very informative."
- RoxanneS

Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 7:32:35 AM- The Dog
Reference my previous blog post.

The dog is doing well. When I saw her on Sunday and Monday she was nervous and unsure of herself, her tail in between her legs and even refused a doggy treat I offered her. Today she is all smiles and enjoying her new world. She took the treat I gave her so now I think I have made a new BFF, lol.

My neighbor has an old dog, a Golden Retriever, that was rescued 6 years ago. Ever since they have had him I have gone there in the afternoon on week days to walk him. So that's why I'm there now, even though my neighbors daughter has taken a few days off from work to help the new dog adjust, she invited me to continue to come over for my routine with the old dog. And that's fine with me as I am interested in the progress of the new pup.

The new dog has never encountered stairs until now and she is slowly learning how to navigate them. She has lived her entire life in a kennel until now so she has never done her "business" outside, she is learning that too but likes to pee on the deck.

Here she is jumping up on me,

Here's a better pic of her, you will notice the dogs pay me no mind when the "pup master" is around. They know who the boss is, lol.

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"She has come so far in just a few days. She is going to be the best dog ever for them :)"
- juicy

Monday, September 28, 2015, 1:56:19 AM- It's Sad In A Way
My neighbor's daughter rescued a dog today. The dog was a laboratory dog in a medical research center. They had no further use for her (the dog) and she's been the mascot around there for a while, pretty much having free roam around the place. But, all good things come to an end (or a new beginning) and my neighbor's daughter requested the dog. After much delay she got custody of her today. The dog will be in a wonderful home. But this is the sad part, today was the first time in her life, 5 years, that she has seen the outside world. Before today she didn't even see it through a window.
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"....COUNT laboratory testing....."
- LuLusBakery

Friday, September 11, 2015, 2:27:59 AM- Free Premium Membership
I'm offering 35 nudles, that's enough to buy a one month premium membership. The rules are real simple, (1) you are not currently premium, (2) you either have a NN stamped pic posted (a real one, not photoshopped) or you are verified.

If you would like this, simply post in the comments on this blog. I will take all the eligible responses and put the names in a hat and draw one. The drawing will take place in 24 hours from...........NOW! So if you need to post a NN stamped pic the clock is ticking.........
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"The winner is dog_tired"
- lennyknatural

Monday, September 07, 2015, 9:38:52 PM- Peaches
If you saw my pics I posted a few days ago, or from my previous blog, my peach tree was loaded. Something had been munching on them, everyday I would see a few that had bites taken out of and there would be peaches and pits on the ground. But still, the tree was loaded. I went out there today and saw the tree has been picked clean. There is only one peach that I could see. A complete transformation. Even the peaches that had fallen to the ground, and the pits that were there, are gone. This happens every year. I'd like to know who the bandit is. I see squirrels running along the fence all the time, I figure they take some. But I haven't seen enough of them to pick the tree clean.

Whatever it is, Nature is very efficient.
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"No Showy, it's not humans. These peaches are tiny and not worth stealing, they are best for the animals. Plus a human wouldn't bother picking up the damaged ones from the ground."
- lennyknatural

Friday, September 04, 2015, 8:24:25 AM- Digi Mod
I'm not saying I'm any good at this, but I miss the days when you could post a digi mod like this in the photo gallery.

Do you ever worry about an animal surprising you when you take naked pics outside? This is what it might look like :)

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"Lol watch out for ur weenie He looks hungry"
- kimberly_1229

Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 7:36:24 AM- Pie Porn
One of my fav fruits are blueberries. It's getting late in the season for them so I thought I better make a pie. This is my first blueberry pie of the year. It might be the only one too.

A slice with a dollop of yogurt. Uh huh!

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"Yeah, food porn;)"
- Jersey_Girl

Sunday, August 09, 2015, 10:44:52 PM- Annual Tomato Blog
One of the greatest joys of home ownership is a back yard. The greatest joy of a back yard is home grown tomatoes. For the past several years I've been raising my tomatoes in containers. It's been working out pretty good. The tomatoes have been ripening and I've been picking for about 2 weeks now. It seems that every day I get a large bowl full. I have 3 varieties this year, a small sweet one, a plum and a seedless.

Here is a pick of one of the plants,

Here is some of my bounty,

If you want some, come on over, I have plenty!
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"Sooooooo jealous. Next year I'll either forego tomato planting all together or try your method."
- Jersey_Girl

Monday, July 13, 2015, 9:14:56 PM- Up To Speed
I have a laptop that had been acting dodgy. Using it had become very frustrating. I thought if I reload Windows that might solve the problem. If it doesn't, I'd really be no worse off as that laptop has just mostly been gathering dust lately.

I made several attempts at reinstalling based on advise from youtube. One NNer also gave me advise. The problem was the result wasn't what it was supposed to be. I have a program that will wipe the system clean, the nuclear option. When that thing is finished I will end up with a completely clean computer. Then I have to hope I can reinstall Windows.

So I ran program, it took about 12 hours to finish. Popped in my Windows 7 disk and let it run and followed the prompts. Most things looked OK but I was unable to get on the internet, even with it being connected with a cable. I thought about it and decided that maybe I need a driver for it. But that is a problem, in order to get on the net I need a driver but to get the driver I need to be on the net. Luckily I have more than one computer. So the good folks on youtube showed me how to get the driver and transfer it to my internet challenged machine. Success! Lesson learned, back up your f*cking drivers before you do some shit like this again!

Then I started reloading programs like Word Perfect, Photoshop etc, mostly uneventful but now Photoshop won't read my raw files. I'm gonna have to do more research on that.

Then I noticed the 2nd hard drive wasn't showing. Mr. Google pointed me to PC World for a simple and easy solution. Now except for that one PS issue, my old laptop is back up to speed.

EDIT, I got PS to read my raw files. I had to do a manual download and install from the Adobe site. I had tried that before and it didn't work but this time it did. I had to do it twice as there were 2 updates that it needed and only one installed on the first try. Sometimes you just gotta keep poking the damn thing!
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Most Recent Comment:
"Well maybe you saved the old beach scene photo you posted years ago...can you repost that?"
- By-the-Sea

Saturday, June 20, 2015, 7:57:01 PM- Tomato Garden
I used to grow a dozen or more tomato plants, so much that I would turn the excess into sauce and freeze it. One year I had so much I was running out of freezer space. But in recent years my garden area has been flooding easily. So I've been growing my tomatoes in containers. I planted about a month ago and so far it's looking pretty good.

Here is one container, it's a plastic bag on a stand, it has 3 ports for tomatoes and 3 for herbs. There is so much foliage you can barely see the container.

And it is sporting tomatoes on the vines already.

I also have 2 containers like this. Each one can hold up to 2 plants. It's a self watering system, you put water in the bottom of the tub and it has a tray that the soil sits on and it wicks up the water.

I also planted 2 tomatoes in the ground. Unfortunately they are drowning from the light flooding from last week's rain. I knew those were a crap shoot, as long my containers work out I'll be a happy camper with 7 tomato plants.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Looking good!"
- lovitt

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