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Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10:36:13 PM- The test
went pretty much as I expected :)

I am

94% Exhibitionist
92% Rope Bunny
91% Voyeur
91% Submissive
85% Experimentalist
71% Primal (Prey)
66% Brat
55% Ageplayer
44% Vanilla
34% Switch
33% Masochist
33% Girl/Boy
30% Non-monogamist
23% Rigger
19% Slave
15% Primal (Hunter)
13% Daddy/Mommy
13% Dominant
12% Degradee
7% Master/Mistress
6% Pet
5% Brat Tamer
2% Owner
2% Sadist
1% Degrader

The link http://bdsmtest.org/
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Most Recent Comment:
"91% Vanilla
77% Switch
65% Dominant
56% Submissive
55% Rope Bunny
42% Rigger
42% Voyeur
32% Ageplayer
30% Brat
29% Primal (Hunter)
28% Brat Tamer
28% Daddy/Mommy
28% Master/Mistress
19% Experimentalist
16% Exhibitionist
16% Girl/Boy
15% Non-monogamist
14% Primal (Prey)
12% Owner
11% Slave
10% Masochist
8% Sadist
7% Degradee
5% Degrader
4% Pet"
- gpflem

Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 9:44:16 PM- Being
unemployed sucks ass!
On the up side my house is cleaner than it has been in a very long time :S
Trying to hang in there,
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"theres hope I've been unemployed for almost 2 years and started work yesterday Cant wait for my house to look messy again :)"
- 12gaugefan

Saturday, October 10, 2015, 9:40:40 PM- Whew!
2 pies made.
Squash and stuffing ready to go.
Turkey mostly thawed.
The house looks pretty good too.
The beauty of all of this preparation is the knowledge that I can be a lazy ass for the rest of the week living off of the inevitable left overs ;)
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks.
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"I can almost smell that delicious meal. Wish i was sharing some with you.
Hope you had a wonderful day!"
- nudiebare

Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 1:27:50 AM- Harvest
I love this time of year.
The pile of empty mason jars in the basement have been mocking me but slowly they are being refilled. A few weeks ago it was blueberry jam. This weekend crab apple jelly filled another dozen. Very soon it will be salsa and then onto cranberry. Pickles are something I have not yet tackled...if any of you have a good recipe please send!
My seeming hoard of single serve plastic containers have likewise been mocking but the harvest is providing the ingredients for many kinds of soups, stews and chili.
The temperatures will soon be far more conducive to the labour of kneading bread and rolling out pierogies. My freezer will be something to behold rather than pity.
I really don't know why this brings me such joy. It is a fuck of a lot of work but there is something very satisfying about the whole process.
I should have been a pioneer but then I wouldn't have all of you to perv.
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"I would love to taste your sweet jam Beautiful..."
- curse2010

Thursday, September 03, 2015, 9:10:20 PM- I was just talking to a friend
and was reminded about NN gear, the thong in particular.
It does still exist along with other NN gear. and because most of you won't know about it and might be interested I am going to put the link here.


Happy shopping :)
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"Much as I would love the tshirt I know mrsSchownotalot would frown upon it"
- Entropy20

Sunday, August 30, 2015, 4:00:51 AM- An update on my pussy
She came to me tonight!
Which sounds like no big deal except that she has been so broken. Literally.
We rescued her back in May. She had been in foster care for a year and had never really warmed up to her care givers. Their situation had changed, new baby, moving and other fosters both canine and feline. She came to us with just 12 hrs before being euthanized. They had been told that she was "unadoptable". Our last cat was the same...and he ended up being the bestest ever after many long months.
She is the master of hiding and her black coat does nothing to give her away in the shadows.
She was hiding in the basement for so long and then made her way up into my room and was hiding behind my bed during the day. She has never really been seen on the main floor other than to run at top speed from upstairs to down or vice versa. Other than when we are sleeping. She is very curious and likes to carry things like lego and leave them here and there... she takes pens out of the cup in the kitchen and bats them around. She is a character when we are sleeping.
Lately though she has been slowing down. The crouch hasn't been there but she would not stop until she was at the top or bottom of the stairs.
The week before last I noticed that her tail had been broken at some point before she came to us. She slowed down and I was able to get a brief but telling look at her. I so wish these animals could talk and tell us what happened!
Every time she has passed me I have just used her name and have said something silly to her. Never reaching out. None of us has ever done anything but say hello as she has relocated.
Tonight, just a few minutes ago she came up. She looked right at me several times. She got to the first step, she turned around just 2' away from me and looked at me again. She then took a long slow tour of the livingroom chewed on her fave plant (I know it is her fave cause it looks like hell all leaves have been chewed) and came within a few inches of me. I talked to her as I always do, she stopped and looked at me sat on the bottom step, made a closer pass then very slowly made her way upstairs.
She is only about 3 and it has only been 3 months but I think our patience will pay off.
Happy with baby steps!
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"One of my sil's has a herd of unadaptable cats, she won't tell me how many, she's embarrassed to say, lol."
- lennyknatural

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 1:56:39 AM- Hugs for a gentle night
Peaceful slumber.
That wrapped in cotton wool feeling upon waking.
The sense that a night has been spent rejuvenating.
It is peaceful. It is calm. It is serene.
It is inviting inky blackness.
It is lazy muscles happily waiting to greet the day.
It is perhaps the nicest thing anyone on here has ever wished for me.
Hugs right back for a gentle night and an even kinder day.
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"Lovely xx"
- Entropy20

Wednesday, August 05, 2015, 3:20:04 AM- Tho it seemed like the universe was conspiring against us
The timing was perfect. Yesterday was a holiday here so I was working with holiday schedules for buses and trains. I had it planned so even if his flight was a little early I would be at the airport.
I started my journey at about the same time he did. Then shit happened. I got to the train station and my train was cancelled. It would be another half an hr until the next one. His flight left on time. At the last minute after I got the text he was boarding I got the message thru that I may be a few minutes late but I would be there.
The entire train trip I was flight tracking and the arrival time was getting earlier and earlier. The train was packed with Blue Jays fans, a holiday Monday and a new pitcher made for a sold out game. It was going to be hell getting from the train to the shuttle we were all going in the same direction so I got up and headed for the door shortly after departing from the stop before mine. The plane had landed and I still had a way to go.
The gods were with me. The door opened right in front of a stair case. I motored down the stairs and wound my way out of the station zipping in and out of the hoards headed to Sky Dome, now Rogers something or other.
The shuttle was there. I jumped on and checked for a text. Nothing but there is customs to clear etc. Got to the airport and had already decided I wanted to see the new tunnel even tho I will always love the ferry it was still on the other side.
I do have to say that tunnel is very impressive!! It had only recently opened and the news was all over it. I knew there was one of the longest escalator systems in the word coming out of it on the island side. I have to say it was huge! I got 3/4 of the way up the second leg and made the mistake of turning around. I am terrified of heights! I spent the rest of the ride with a death grip on the railing leaning forward like a ski jumper terrified I would fall backwards. I got off that contraption and headed to the arrivals door. Then I caught a glimpse of him as someone else came thru the sliding doors. He
hadn't yet seen me but was the next one thru... It was a case of just in time for me!!
But I was curious about what happened in customs because it seemed to take him so long. Turned out it had nothing to do with that. It was because his plane was so early they ended up sitting on the tarmac for almost 40 mins before there was space for them to deplane. Not comfortable by any means. Small airport, early flights too many ppl yeah it happened.
The best part was the hug and the kiss...
He is snoozing but I am going to wake him in a min.
I am so very, very happy.
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"See, there are no accidents . . . everything happens for a reason - glad you have your man home!"
- mediapro

Saturday, August 01, 2015, 4:42:15 AM- It has been a year
Since I last traveled.
I found out yesterday a very good friend is moving back out west at the end of Sept.
If all goes according to plan I will be in Calgary a year from now.
I have not been since I was a kid. I would love to go back.
Cross your fingers.
ju x
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"fingers crossed"
- 2knude

Saturday, July 18, 2015, 3:35:52 AM- :(
Most of us have multiple ways of keeping in touch but for the few that do not we have lost a very sweet and kind man.
After a 3 year battle with cancer JetJackson passed on July 9.
Sleep well my gentle friend...
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Most Recent Comment:
"I'm very sorry to hear this. Here's to a real gentleman."
- lovitt

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