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Friday, February 27, 2015, 3:12:13 AM- arggggg
damn me for my candor!
I had just typed out a huge rant about someone in my real life and can't enjoy the catharsis that hitting the "add this entry to my blog" button would bring because pretty much everyone I know knows I am here. They may have visited once and never visited again or they may visit often ...
I have often thought of starting an anonymous blog but then I wouldn't have the feed back from the pervs I love.
I have well an truly shot myself in the foot. Many wish they could share, be open and honest with everyone but that too comes with draw backs.
Discretion is a lesson I should have learned a long time ago but the exhibitionist in me said otherwise.
kicking my self HARD!
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"It does suck to have to hold some stuff in doesn't it?"
- justcuz

Sunday, February 15, 2015, 9:26:50 PM- Random thoughts
are always going through my head.
Today I was wondering what impact the internet has had on the travel industry.
So many of us on this site alone have traveled or have been traveled to, to meet "in real life". We have gone places we would never have previously considered but now sound like great ideas because someone we have connected with lives there. Those of us who have crossed borders have been asked "how did you meet?" and replied "online".
The multitudes who have done it here are not unique to the internet and with the millions of sites out there one would assume there are a substantial number of people traveling every year solely because of the internet.
I wonder how high or low those numbers really are.
I suppose there is no real way to find out but this inquiring mind wants to know.
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"the only this about the numbers is that I'm sure they increase every year and widen as more and more special interest sites open...the doors open as well. good tinkin ju :p
- Jagged_Edges

Saturday, February 07, 2015, 4:50:07 AM- The F badge
Caused me to take a long walk down memory lane. It was a very long walk and for the most part pleasant but there were some bumps and blips along the way.
The biggest bumps are those that have left not only NN but this world entirely. I will never, ever forget them, They are truly the missing links in this cyber word I have inhabited for so long.
There are those who I first met who have been nothing but a huge ball of fun. Some are still here. Some have come and gone and have come back again. Some are just gone.
There are people here, a very, very few who have known me "forever" We may not keep in touch, daily, weekly or even monthly but when we do run into each other there is that history, a knowledge of "before" and we can talk like not a day has passed.
There is joy and there is sorrow and there is a fuck of a lot of real life tied up in that seemingly small F badge.
This place is cyclical and to those that have survived one or two of those cycles congrats, to those that have survived so many and are still smiling cheers!
Feeling a tad nostalgic,
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"I played scrabble with you and lenny about 9 years ago...I quess you count me as one of thos who comes and goes...I ain't dead just yet but I have been flirting with it over the years...BTS"
- Spare -Change

Wednesday, February 04, 2015, 1:14:09 AM- Speaking vs talking
When I was a little kid I liked to think I was an adept liar not because I wanted to be but because I wished what I was saying was true. The more I spoke the more I was trying to convince myself as well as my "audience" what I was saying was true.
As I got older and smarter I came to realise saying it was so did not make it so and that was when I came to the conclusion that the truth which is always very simple required few words. Using few words is generally out of the ordinary because when people want something they could have but harbour some guilt about they use too many words.
Many years ago I wanted to get out of work early. Rather than coming up with some elaborate story when my boss asked why, I told him the truth. "Can I leave early? Why? Because there is a dress sale at X" He cracked right up said "only you" and told me to get the fuck out of there.
That is just one of many examples of how easy it can be to be honest.
I see co workers call in "sick" all the time and they give more details to the bosses than they would their own Doctors. I see people try to get what they want all the time in the same way. They figure if they say it enough and embellish it enough then it will be so.
How sad to have to waste all of that creativity on a lie when it could be put to much better uses.
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"My memory is not good enough to lie these days"
- gpflem

Tuesday, February 03, 2015, 12:39:20 AM- I am
In no way an NHL hockey fan and really the only time I ever watch a hockey game is if I have a bet when team Canada is playing but this is damn cool technology!
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"That was pretty cool"
- chargingram

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 1:59:39 AM- My recent obsession with
posting pics of my breasts started back in Nov when I went for a routine mammogram. I am and always have been a horrible patient. I hate Drs.
They found something. I knew they would. I have known that anomaly was there for 30 years but of course the "films" were lost in the history of time, moves, Dr changes etc. But they needed to investigate further. Another mammogram and an ultrasound. That led to finding an enlarged lymph node in my right arm pit which led to a biopsy.
That all happened just before Christmas and with the impending holidays the usual 10-15 day wait for results was prolonged. When I did finally get a call I didn't answer it because I was not home and they didn't have my cell number. I called back and left a message with them. Long story short another week passed before I connected with the breast assessment clinic.
I have to thank a few close friends who helped keep me sane during this time especially one who threatened to endure a Canadian winter because she wasn't going to let me do it without her :)
My appointment was today.
Scared? Oh hell yeah.
I am one of the lucky ones. I am fine!
I can't however stop thinking of the ones that are not so lucky and I can't help but think about the people like me, men and women who can not stand poking, prodding and being made to feel like nothing but a slab of meat. I know I will have to remind myself of it in the future and want to remind you all of it now. They do not do it to be cruel, they do it to save your life.
Today my life is good. It may have been a different story and it may have been that the early detection could have saved me even with all the "setbacks"
I am putting this here to remind myself as much as I am to remind anyone else that even tho tests can be invasive, painful, embarrassing and humiliating they aren't done to cause harm, they are done to prevent it.
This public service announcement has been brought to you by one relived,
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"phew...glad to hear all is well :)"
- sorcha0922

Saturday, January 24, 2015, 2:56:36 AM- I can be as sophomoric as any one
And when I heard about a recipe this morning that celebrates Robbie Burns day (today) I thought YES! Mainly because I had all of the ingredients and I liked the name.

Cock a leekie soup!
I DO swallow :)
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"It looks delicious. I hope it is as good as it looks."
- ohiojoesanta

Saturday, January 10, 2015, 4:02:41 AM- Every now and then
I glance at my profile.
Under fav posters it says "the guys that know what sexy is"
Sexy is kinda like an interpretive dance. You dance I will decide if you are sexy or not :P
I was looking at friends, spotlights and randomly perving.
The pics that have stuck in my mind... some of them more than a decade old are the ones that have said well this is me. I am kinda self conscious but I am going to post with a sense of humour, some bravado and just plain guts.
It has been a while since I have seen pics posted with a good old sense of fun.
I can find perfectly posed, lit, waxed etc bodies anywhere on the net... slapping NN on a pic doesn't make it sexy or interesting or hot. It just makes it another pic of another body. Slap some personality on it and I am all over it.
Desperately seeking the impossible,

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"Very well said indeed. Uniqueness is beauty. And while beauty is subjective, nothing beats a pic of a real woman. Especially one that is comfortable with her body"
- billybigjr

Sunday, December 21, 2014, 11:07:51 PM- I am almost ready.
Just a few things left to wrap and some last minute preparation for the meals. I am off tomorrow but then have to work Tues. and Wed. So I am hoping to be well ahead of the game before then.
A little Xmas/Christmas trivia because I found it interesting.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday no matter which one you are celebrating!
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"Merry Christmas Juicy"
- snowcap9

Friday, November 28, 2014, 9:52:53 PM- I blogged last night
It was a good blog too but when I went back to edit it I accidentally hit delete.
We really need an "are you sure you want to delete" button around here.
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"I agree, done that a few times"
- whokens

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