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Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 2:00:49 AM- Continuing Onward
The fucked up neighbour plays his bass for us.

Stupid little shit.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 5:11:22 AM- Poetic Resonance
Drunk with the funky monk. When I need to hit the
reset button, to refrag & start all over again, getting drunk
w funky monk is best to do.

Now I can see clear as day that just as I did battle with the
real non-metaphoric, real deal bedbugs a while ago, now
I have to deal with the metaphoric bedbug. Ha! What a deal!

Come Feb. 19 I will celebrate 2 years since last bed bug seen,
alive. Believe it or not, for a period of 2-3 weeks I had scabies,
bedbugs and dental surgery all the same time! All my teeth came
out! If it not been for my hyper-sentient cat I woulda gone flip city!

Now I can see clearly that this obsessive psychotic neighbour is
a parasite! Why didn't I see this before? He is a parasite on my
attention. Pretty good definition of mindless glamour, if you ask me.

I remember being down on the floor watching a bedbug crawl on
the floor - i admire your tenacity and your sincerity as you do what
you must do. But I do hope and ask that our time together not last
much longer. Diatomaceous earth powder is not dangerous for cats,
is not toxic, and the results are long lasting. But you do not get
immediate results.

The idiot guitar god neighbour is a metaphoric parasite! Stupid
little man has no significant life of his own. But, just as I nego-
ciated a termination with with the blessed bedbugs, I am looking
forward to not having anything to do with him. Some day.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 3:17:29 AM- Once again
We are getting another loud concert on bass right now.
Fucked up little man. Earlier we could hear him in his
studio, and we do not mind that.

But he gets scared in there, all by himself. So he has
to play loud for us now. Stupid little psycho.

Needy snd useless.
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Monday, December 08, 2014, 10:18:04 PM- Tedium
Unhappy little monster is giving us loud concert on his bass.
He is definitely not in his soundproof studio.

Stupid little psycho shit.
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Monday, December 08, 2014, 6:21:34 PM- Cold day
I have decided to skip today's gym workout. I have not
had enough sleep the past two nights. I need better focus,
better organization. Too easily to injure myself if I have not
had enough deep rest.

The psycho neighbour kept me awake for a long time last

I have already had a 2.5 mile walk on the mountain of love
today. I had a visual field test at QV Hospital which is on Mt.
Royal early this morning. Afterwards I walked back up to
The Stairway To Heaven and then back home. Windchill
on Mt. Royal was -23C. Winter is here.

I have some early symptoms of glaucoma, but thank goodness
they are not getting worse.

Like I have said, this building and this whole street is full
of creative people. I am not expecting perfect silence. I
have been here for 12.5 years now. We have had harmonica
players, cellists, guitarists, pianists, drummers, clarinetists.
And there are commercial businesses nearby which play
music to put bums in seats.

But this guy's bass & guitar playing is poisonous in intention.
He wants to transmit his unhappiness around. He wants to
own the acoustic space of this building as well as his own.
It is not understandable that he has a soundproof recording
studio in his apartment, but he does not use it. He is not
psychologically sound.

We are now into our toughest time of year at the street
mission where I volunteer. On Sunday we fed about 220
poor people for our annual Christmas dinner. It was a great
success. But it was a lot of work.

Now we start to mobilize for the Christmas hampers. About
150 people will receive 65-85 lbs. of canned goods, rice,
pasta, toiletries, shoe laces, you name it.

I absolutely have to be ready and able to do those heavy

To have to tolerate this selfish, needy, useless little shit
is very, very difficult. He is dangerous and he is lost.

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Monday, December 08, 2014, 6:30:16 AM- Unhappy Little Shit
It makes my heart very heavy, but I am thinking that
it might be time for me to leave Montreal. I do not want
to live beside the idiot guitar god. He is playing for us right
now, alternating between bass & guitar. He has a sound-
proof studio, but does not use it. He wants us to hear.

I know that the police have checked him out recently,
but he does not play loud for more than 10 minutes at a
time, and they have not yet caught him playing at that

I have been thinking that it is time for me to move to
Halifax. I can do the same kind of volunteer work with
poor people there. I just don't know what to do with
my elderly cat. I have the # for the SPCA shelter, but I
can't stand the idea of saying goodbye to him there.

It might be time for me to admit defeat and move on.
I would never be able to find another place for such
low rent so close to Mt. Royal, which has been my
spiritual home.

When I was in Halifax before I found that talking things
over with the Atlantic ocean was very similar to walking
on the Mountain of Love. Very similar.

I will stay here to finish the Christmas hampers at the
street mission where I volunteer. I will discuss departure
with my landlord and see what needs to be done.

The hostile psychotic has a lot of money. He can hire a
lawyer and make it appear that I am the crazy one bothering

He said to me that if we called the police it would be war.
Maybe he will win the war and I will move to Halifax.

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Sunday, December 07, 2014, 1:53:32 AM- Pathetic
Now he is going crazy. Super loud. He sounds hostile
and real fucked up. He has not played this loud for
a long time.
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"No comment."
- hairytits

Sunday, December 07, 2014, 1:23:39 AM- Psychotic Behaviour
The idiot guitar god is giving us a free concert right now
on his bass, steadily louder and louder. Pathetic, needy,
useless. Desperate for attention.

He is definitely not playing in his soundproof studio.
I think he gets claustrophobic in there all alone.

Useless little shit.
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Thursday, December 04, 2014, 7:01:07 PM- Unhappy Little Shit
Idiot guitar god in next building giving us mini concerts
for free today, on bass and guitar. He is definitely not
playing in his expensive soundproof recording studio.

A long time ago he threatened to throw me off his balcony.
He likes to talk like gangster, you know? In reality he is
a pathetic fucked up princess.

Lonely, needy, useless psychotic. I feel sorry for him.
It must be terrible to be so useless & unimportant.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2014, 2:06:56 AM- Me big fan of radio
I am a faithful listener of CBC Radio, one & two. This started long ago
when a guy named Lloyd Percival did a program on physical fitness
and strength. I think that is the correct name, but not certain. We are
talking 1965-66, I think. I would have been 13-14 years old. I played
a lot of team sports and could run pretty fast, etc. but this guy was
talking about solitary focus on kinaesthetic experience via the tech-
nology of radio. It was a community of individual introvert home
athletes. That appealed to me greatly. Radio was physical and visceral.

Gradually I found myself trusting news coverage on CBC Radio more
than anything I saw or watched on television. The trance of television
has never felt trustworthy. There is a level of pretending. The folks
who use the programming to sell their commercial products control
the ethical parameters for inducing experience of needing and wanting.

The psychological science of trance induction came from research in
medical psychiatry and brainwave studies in psychology. It was made
available to the producers of television advertising.

I have been furious with CBC Radio in the past few years, in reaction
to the way that television aesthetics have invaded the tradition of
radio journalism. This is not merely a conflict between innovation
and tradition. It is an abandonment of the primary mandate of CBC
as a public broadcaster --- which is to enlighten. To not hustle.

The moral dignity of the corporation has been trivialized and discarded.
Nowhere is this more obvious than in the hiring and promotion of
the "personality" of Jian Ghomeshi. I am sure that in recent years I
written 8 or 10 times to complain about his radio presence. He always
sounded like we should be sorry it was "only" radio, because he is
irrisistable to women. Hell, okay, men too. Too bad this is only radio.

"I'm a celebrity. You're a celebrity. Let's jerk off on the radio! And the
little people will love it." Such a top down delivery. The takeover by
television people became so blatant. He interviewed television
celebrities on the radio. I had to stop listening.

There are other examples, too. Local programming here in Montreal
is a bizarre alternation between wothwhile listening and total garbage.

I have the latest television news package about JG and the sexual
violence accusations, allegations. I have had it on bookmarks list
for several days. I might not watch it at all. It might make me puke.

To say that I am spectacularly disappointed in CBC Radio is a big

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"Yes, Lloyd Percival was right name. His program was called Fitness College."
- hairytits

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