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Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 1:47:05 AM- Jump To Bottom
I usually go to the dental clinic just a few doors down from
my shack. But the denturist there is on maternity leave,
so they referred me to a place far to the east.

I took a metro (subway) ride out to the Jardin Botanique and
really enjoyed a walk through. The gardens are just waking
up. I spoke to some gardeners who were taking the winter
covers off rose bushes. I stopped along the way to say hello
to some favourite trees, including the Siberian Alder tree that
inspired the tattoo on my ass.

A long time ago I was a member of the Montreal Bonsai -
Penjing Society. Many good memories of the gardens all

At the denturist place a total sweetheart woman said,
oh, that's easy. She buzzed off the offending surface and
I was suddenly delighted with the fit. I had been worried for

Then I set out on a 6 km walk back to my shack. I kept a
good steady pace. Have not walked that part of the city
for a very long time.

So, including the walk to the Metro and the lovely walk
through the garden, it was a 7 km day. I stopped at the
street mission to put garbage bins out front.

I saw crocuses in bloom today!
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Sunday, April 13, 2014, 9:47:54 PM- More Rain To Come
After finishing the regular Sunday clothes-sorting chores at
the street mission we had some lunch and then drove to
the big Gothic, mythic hospital on the Mountain of Love
to visit one of our longtime clients who is having major
health crisis.

He is an aboriginal man who served 17 years in prison
for murder. He shot his brother-in-law for the way that
he beat and abused his sister. If I had not lost my massage
career and fallen into poverty myself I would have never met
this unique human being.

Sure, he is a severe alchoholic and has had a history of street
fighting with other natives, etc. But he is not a thief, not a cheap
hustler. He does not lie or threaten people with blackmail like
some people I know.

Would I rather be doing massage therapy for wealthy glamour
people who don't give a rat's ass for anybody but themselves?
Not really. It would not bring me greater happiness.

This man in the hospital is now 50 yrs old. As he is gradually
coming out of valium daze and his DT shakes are diminishing,
it is becoming clear that if he drinks again he will die. He might
not make it out of the hospital alive. His warrior spirit is meeting
Its toughest test.

So I said I would come back to visit as soon as I can. I have
learned that anyone can become my spiritual teacher. This
simple man has been one of them, for sure.

I walked from the hospital all the way up to the main chemin
and then up and down the stairway to/from heaven, you
know, just for the hell of it.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014, 9:26:53 PM- Long Time Coming
Beautiful day. 14 degrees on centipede scale as I speak.
Not much $$ for Chinese herbs. But I walked down to
Chinatown and back for a $3 box of liu wei ti huang wan.
That's about 3km walk.

Then came back to the shack. Naked on the floor I did
three sets of pushups in 12 minutes - 51 - 55 - 60. When
I get back into regular running schedule on the mountain
of love, I want to do three sets of 60 within a 60 - 90 minute

Then also did 230 crunches, twists & reverse sit-ups naked
as a blue jay.

Had a little bit to eat and settled down for a 40 minute nap
with aged cat.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014, 2:52:11 PM- Finding Peace
This past week we have heard the terrible news of
huge cuts to the budget of CBC, the public broadcaster.
Over the past few years, management has been shrinking
the significance of public radio programming and giving
more to television. Also making radio pimp for television.

I am living proof that you can lose yer job, accept welfare,
find worthy volunteer work, and find peace without using

However, I must say that I would not have this peace and
fulfillment without the ling zhi mushroom. The ling zhi
mushroom is my best friend in the universe, since forever.

Unfortunately, Stephen Harper is getting his wish, to
completely crush CBC. We are in this predicament because
of the egotism and arrogance of Jack Layton and Michael
Ignatieff. Fuse or Lose!
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Thursday, April 10, 2014, 1:03:13 PM- On va voir
Eating a big Ginsberg breakfast, drinking coffee, looking at
all the naked people. We might get up to 16 degrees on the
centipede scale today! Spring is here!

Soon go to post office to mail all pay stubs for my volunteer
chores at street mission. I get paid about $170/ month by
mission. I will get the forms mailed well within the deadline.

I completely agree that the gov't needs to test the system to
find cheaters, to weed out those who abuse welfare. However,
it is possible that this bureaucrat has the ability to turn me into
a homeless man for no reason at all. If you come to Montreal
and see me going through garbage bins looking for cans &
bottles, you can shout out ---- Hey! I know what you look like

So, we shall see what happens. Wish me luck.
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"Good Luck, Mr. Tits"
- chargingram

Thursday, April 10, 2014, 2:46:40 AM- Tedium ad infinitum
The guitar god neighbour has gone back to one of his
previous tactics. When he is afraid of a complaint to
police because of his loud guitar and bass, but he still
wants us to know that he is there, he lays down on the
floor and stomps with his boots against the brick wall.

That is what the insecure little shit has been doing for
the past 20 minutes. He wants to impress us. This is
what we get for refusing to put up with his concertizing.

Wall-stomping certainly does bring out his creativity, I
must say.
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"What is he 6?
- bighoss2

Wednesday, April 09, 2014, 2:15:00 PM- Spring Is Real
After a grinding, gruelling meeting of staff & volunteers at the street
mission yesterday I have agreed to return. It was pretty tough alright.
Two other volunteers had left right after I did. They might come back
at a later date.

The services we provide for poor immigrant families, street people,
obscure alchoholic poets, and those artistic types in the neighbour-
hood who have suddenly found themselves on welfare, have been
strained to the max and the coherence & competence of l'equipe
has been severely tested. It will not be improving I am sure.

Today will be a good workout day at the gym. Soon I will be out there
running in the mud on the mountain of love. Still too much slushy ice
for my liking. Bientot we will have the trillium flowers up, and the
adorable little yellow trout lilies. Whoop de doo.
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Most Recent Comment:
"I am so glad you are able to stay :)"
- sorcha0922

Thursday, April 03, 2014, 9:44:42 PM- Beautiful Spring Day
I was tempted to go run in the slush on Mt. Royal today, but
then decided to just play it safe and go run on treadmill at
the gym. Did shoulder lateral raises, external rotator lifts,
and finished off with 7 kg medicine ball roll-ups with a
vertical throw. Full stretch routine.

Came back to the shack and found a letter in the mail
from provincial welfare office, threatening to cut off my
payments and turn me into a homeless man. But you
know I had some of the best spiritual insights when I was
a homeless man, so I am not really worried about that.
I was a homeless man both here in Montreal and also
in Halifax. I had a delayed reaction to the suicide of my
massage teacher. I went to talk it over with Atlantic

They want to see all my pay slips for my volunteer work
at the street mission. They think I am trying to cheat the
system. To send all those pay stubs in the mail might
cost me $40.

I am trying to come up with the $$ for a RDV for my cat
at the vet clinic. He needs bloodwork to see if thyroid
medication is adequate or needs to be increased.

I have a suspicion that some lonely, creepy bureaucrat
who was a massage client at the gay gym has a grudge
against me. Now he wants to turn me into a homeless man.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Sometimes the government sucks"
- tight_wet_lips

Saturday, March 29, 2014, 9:57:02 PM- Tedious little man
Idiot guitar god in adjacent building is giving us a free concert
on his bass right now. Pathetic little shit. A fucked up princess.

His expensive recording studio is much too claustrophobic for
him. He is definitely not playing inside it. He thinks we need to
listen to him.

Needy, useless, desperate for attention. He is afraid that we
have forgotten about him.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Maybe he will pass on soon"
- tight_wet_lips

Friday, March 28, 2014, 3:13:20 PM- First Big Break in Weather
It is raining today! We got a mid-sized dump of snow during
the night, but it has begun to melt quickly.

The decision to leave the street mission behind is very firm.
It feels rock solid. What is not so solid or clear is how I am
going to take care of my cat, and maintain my own vitality
with the chinese herbs.

When I was at the vet clinic yesterday to get meds they were
insisting that I bring Buster in in first week of April for blood
work. It is part of their protocol to keep updating his thyroid
status. They gave me a huge discount on meds yesterday to
encourage me. But that bloodwork is going to take a big chunk
out of my finances. Something has to give.

April 1 will be my 12th anniversary here in this shack.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Vets can be good and bad. Like most docs"
- tight_wet_lips

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