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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 9:10:40 PM- Thought about it
Thank you so much for all those that commented on my previous blog (which I have since removed) . I don't think I worded it properly but my thoughts still stand and I'll keep them to myself
Cheers all and have a great day xxx
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- tight_wet_lips

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 1:45:37 AM- That time again
Hi all! With Easter now over and done with its getting to that time of year again. The day my dad always loved .....Anzac Day. Trouble is he passed away two days after that day 10 years ago. It stirs up so many memories in me. At first I used to get really quite sad. But now I remember all the good times and how blessed I was to be able to call that amazing man my father. I truly was a daddy's girl and God I loved him to yep troops I'm a lucky gal!
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"he would be very proud of you angel too having produced a very loving and caring daughterx x x"
- dewberry

Monday, April 14, 2014, 8:36:18 PM- "Dom or sub; What's your PerversioNN?" - Blog challenge
Hi all. Well this is about as dominating as I get....beating you into submission with my feathered crop lol.

The other players:
Jersey_Girl. tight_wet_lips, aussiewanker, texangel, bighoss2, WendySilvia, showy_Showy, NerdyBird, steelrat60, Masterslizzie, Whispermyname, amps79, TenderMoments, FiFi72uk, LuLusBakery, vouyr, undisclosedid1, mrsUnderDog59, d_licious_d, celticone, J_detroit, texasCactus, MrsTexasPeach, hwnh, FinNude, guitartxn; shegotthejak

Easy access (safe NN) link.
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"brilliantly done!"
- Elle40

Saturday, April 05, 2014, 4:24:03 AM- Hey all
Well I think I'm just about ready to pop back into the land of the living. Holy moley has this year kicked off crazy or what? Anyway in true fashion I get up dust myself off and move on to the next challenge, dare or dilemma...however you want to look at it.
Firstly I want to thank each and every one of my friends who emailed me, vibered me, pm'd me, rang me, facebooked me and just there for me. I can't name all of you but wow...I feel bloody loved thank you all so much.
Secondly my great friend Prudence_53 starts her journey of Chemotherapy on Monday. If ya can see it in your hearts to throw a little good wishes her way I'd be ever so grateful. Xx
Anyway on we go good was Tighty's blog challenge ? I looked at all of them and wow the entries were all rocked it! So now I have to try and catch up on some blogs. I've missed you lot
Big hugs all of ya xxxoooxxxooo
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"welcome back girl :)

- tanfas

Thursday, March 27, 2014, 10:33:05 AM- He's gone
Well my ex hubby passed away just 3 hours before his birthday. The children were all there with him...I am glad for that. I flew there to be with them and of course also attend his funeral. It was a good funeral as far as funerals go. He knew he was dying back in late 2012. He made a DVD un beknowns to anyone but the pastor who organised to preside over his service. They played it towards the end. He asked that no one be sad, make the most of our lives, and complete your bucket lists. He told his 4 children that he loved them, he was so very proud of them. He told them he wasn't a good father and never pretended to be but he truly loved them and tried to always be there for them. He went on to say virtually the same to his 6 grandchildren. He then put his head down looked straight into the camera with tears in his eyes. He said " to my ex wives" I'm so sorry. That was a very humbling moment for as big as a rogue he could be...he truly meant that. So me and Wifey 2 took great solace in hearing that. Anyway he is in pain no more. The kids were not left wondering how their father really felt ....that was a wonderful thing he done.. Okay my friends I'm tired as . Didn't fly back in until last night and it was the worst flight ever! The turbulence is a killer and I was sat in the emergency exit so I had to be the responsible Goodnight all and I'll be back to catch up on all your blogs...just been so busy xxx
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"sometimes there are no words just a close big hug my friend"
- michaelthe1

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 8:06:38 PM- Just need to talk xx
Hi to all of you! Or as Tux or Faith would say..y’all.
So much is going on in the crazy old head of mind at the minute. I feel like just ..talking about it. So where best to do this but “Blogsville”’
When I was 15, young, naive and crazy in love with the best looking guy in town. Tall, blonde, blue eyed and with a smile that could reduce you to a weak kneed, bumbling, incoherent teenager. Time went on and we started dating. Didn’t I think I was the ants pants!! Most sought after guy in town and me?..I was the one on his arm. Anyway time went on and like any young experimental, invincible teenagers of the 70’s I fell pregnant. So me..17 and 3mths and him a little over 18 we were married. He was by this time in the army but we wrote every day, talked every week and 5mths after we were married our gorgeous son was born. By this time he was stationed and eligible for a house. I made the big move away from our little country town to start life as a young family. Before long I was pregnant with my daughter who was born prematurely but only 12mths and 3days after her brother. Anyway it was tough..Goddamn it! I was 19, 2 children and alone in a big city. I knew absolutely no one. No mobile phones back then, heck we didn’t even have a house phone but I wrote lots and lots of letters and sweated on the mailman coming. We struggled on though and I’m not going to sit here writing this and pretend everything was rosy. We parted ways when I was 22. It just wasn’t going to work. He tried hard to change his just wasn’t going to cut it. As it turned out I should have stayed because the next man to replace him was a crazy, psycho, abuser ...but I digress.
My ex husband now is on his death bed. I am flooding with emotions I cannot fathom. I can’t put it into words . I guess that is why I’m writing this blog. To get it out! Doesn’t matter if no one reads it and even gets this far but I need to feel I’m talking about it. He lives about a 4hr flight from me now. My son lives in the same town as him. My daughter, here in Sydney. As soon as I heard the news I sprung into action. Organised air fares for her to go and see him. Say her goodbyes. Bless him, although he was never really there for the children growing up he done something this time to give her the chance for closure. He knew she was coming and refused the morphine they wanted to put him on constantly which would virtually render him unconscious. He wanted to be with it when she got there to say goodbye and hug her one last time. I will be eternally grateful to him for that. She needed it. Within minutes of this happening they hooked him up to the morphine and now he is comfortable but it’s a matter of hours or days until that big part of my past checks out. We have always kept in contact and whenever I have been up to visit my son he has always come over for a BBQ. Over the years when passing through Sydney he has stayed over for the night. We always joke and laugh about the old times. Like me, we never talked about the bad ones. We would often kid each other about our anniversary and “where’s my flowers?” type thing.
You see those that know me know a lot of what I have been through in life but I have trained myself to focus on the good times. I don’t dwell on the bad times. It serves no purpose. Just makes you bitter and twisted and wallow in self pity. Life is way too short for that crap.
So I will await “that” call. I will fly up for the funeral. I will cry silent tears for a young love lost forever but I will remember them with a little smile inside. I will be strong for my children and grandchildren.
Thanks friends for letting me get that off my chest. I feel much better now 
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"Oh you beautiful person Elle! Love ya too mate x"
- Whispermyname

Sunday, March 09, 2014, 3:57:35 AM- Helllloooooo
Hi all...just thought I would pop in and say g'day whilst on my sabbatical? All is okay down here in Oz. Workload has doubled, my youngest is growing up way too fast...but ya get that. My best friend is up for the battle of her life ( I' m right there beside her). I'm off on another 4 night cruise in June. My renovations have finally finished...I hope. I been occasionally checking on some blogs...Saff I just wanna hug you big. Jake you are a sweety you know why. Hudds you are the man. Whokes well you just know xxx. Diderot...xxxxxx. Flit xxxx. Brooky xxxx. Faith and the little hick chicklet xxxxx Star and Tighty xxxx. Tux we've talked so you just know xxxx. Showy you always make me smile. Tex angel my girl are the bomb xxx. Prudence or whatever you call yourself nowadays ...there right beside you all the way forever and always. Voy...Mwah!. Doouble007 xxxxxx
TC...people like you just make the world go around...I love ya boy. Michael...I been watching xxxxx. Guit I bloody loved your second last blog! Chargingram boobs still intact! Joey I been will get you through! I kinda hate doin this because I'm scared I will forget someone. But I don't trust are all so very special to me...oh Milfwatcher big hugs and cuddles for you xxxxx
I'm not back yet but I will be soon. I gotta hang in there for Tighty's challenges xxx
Oops big hugs for Pony xxxx
Ohhh and more big hugs for Torchey and wow30 and oh dear oh me...ALL my friends xxxx
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"Glad you popped back even though I missed you, xxxxxx take care whisper"
- wow30

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 2:28:16 AM- Just a little time away
Hi all my wonderful friends. Those that care have noticed I haven't been spending as much time on here as I used to. I've been struggling with a few outside issues of late and sometimes we just feel the need to stop and smell the roses. I need to take stock of some pretty important things in my life so for that reason Im taking a little break. It won't be aren't that lucky :-)
If anyone hears some or any news on By The Sea can you please let someone know that can let me know? Also Faith and little Bella I will be checking in on you both. I will miss reading all your blogs especially Whokens. Oh by the way Saff sorry I missed your birthday yesterday but happy belated and I pray everything goes well for your sister xxxx also Brooky...keep your chin up Sweety you are strong I know you will be fine xxx
This isn't goodbye and if history repeats itself I won't be that long gone. I already know I'll be sneaky peekin at blogs without signing on occasionally lol. I'm just doing this blog so that people won't think I'm ignoring them. So everyone keep on having fun and look after each other okay?? Xxxxxx

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"Our Life, Some times we need to pause and make a change. Change is not bad, nor permanent. It gives a Pause to clear our minds and clean out the cob webs. It gives us time to step out of the box, reflect and plan ahead. It gives us time to plan direction and priorities. So Auntie Whisper take your time and as the Chinese put it, Balance your yeng and yang.

The dry earth even needs a little rain so mother nature can grow her beautiful foliage. I guess I am saying endure the rain the sun will come out soon sweet Whisper.

Just know Mick. Bella and I are praying for you and sprinkling Pixie dust for you.

- Hick Chick Deluxe

Thursday, February 13, 2014, 9:45:50 PM- Whokens
February 14th ...Valentines Day to most but today a very special, kind, caring and very talented man celebrates his birthday. Those of you that have had the fortune of speaking with this man and enjoying his blogs will know what I mean. So if you see him around wish him a good one.
From me my friend I am so very fortunate to know you. You have been a shoulder for me so many times and I am blessed to call you friend. I wish you a wonderful birthday. This song is for you xxxxxxxx

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"What a sweet video for a great man."
- sexyeyesblondie1

Thursday, February 06, 2014, 11:25:44 AM- This is just the cutest thing
Maybe I'm just in one of them moods :-)

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"Sooooo cute!!!"
- TexAngel

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