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Monday, April 18, 2016, 1:39:54 PM- Yesterday
Sunday, the day after my birthday, I had to work and The Wife went off with a friend of hers for a day in the country. They apparently had fun and my day was busy. We both got home about the same time and she seemed rather horny, but I was tired and not really 'in the mood' for random shenanigans. We both had to shower and then sat down to watch TV.
When we went to bed, she picked up where she had left off and at this point I was more in the mood. I sucked on her tits for a bit and then moved down to eat her now, smoothly shaven pussy. While doing so, I fingered her and then moved to add a finger to her ass. All the while, she was jerking me which was feeling better and better. Well, as I moved my finger more into her ass she went WILD she ended up vibing herself while I was eating her and fingering both her pussy and her ass and had one of the strongest orgasms that I can remember. We then fucked to her having at least one more orgasm.
Overall a pretty good night.
Note - definitely need to include more ass play with her!
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Friday, April 15, 2016, 10:13:49 PM- Been a while
since I updated this blog, but The Wife and I have fucked maybe once a week or maybe every 10 days, noting great, but better than nothing. The Ex is no longer working with me full time and has 2 jobs so we rarely see each other and when we do it is only for work so certainly no fucking going on.
This weekend is my birthday and The Wife and I are going out of town for 1 day - Just driving there and back as I have to work the next day.
I am hoping for some good sex, but not counting on it.
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"Happy Birthday"
- Be4andAfter

Monday, March 21, 2016, 1:00:56 PM- The past week
Well, work has been busy, so I have not updated, but last Monday evening(I think) The Wife and I had a great love making session lasting about an hour when we went to bed. Nothing for the rest of the week, and then a quickie this morning.
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Friday, March 04, 2016, 2:29:44 PM- Quickie
Had a quickie with The Wife this morning which as pretty nice. I DO prefer longer sessions, but sometimes quick and done is actually nice. :/
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"In my experience, 'every' time quick and done is nice."
- softswap

Tuesday, March 01, 2016, 10:02:38 PM- 2 week drought ends
This past weekend, I had to work some crazy long hours in the food truck and Friday night tried to get things started with The Wife but she was a no go, Saturday night, we did fuck, but she did not seem very into it ~ sort of going through the motions ~. Ended up Eating and Fucking The Ex today which was, honestly a bit of a surprise. As always a bit too quick and hurried but fun nonetheless and at least she WANTS to be there.
Hope everyone else is having a decent week.
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"Staying dry for a week sucks."
- lovitt

Monday, February 22, 2016, 1:23:52 PM- Went away for the weekend
with The Wife for an exotic bird show. Unfortunately, we had to keep some of ours in the hotel room with us so no action at all! The Ex is coming over later today to he,p me straighten things our in the food truck so we will see where that goes. She and I had a very interesting discussion on Friday about 'our' sex life and her feelings about it as well as my sort of chronicling it on here which she has no problem with.
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"Well, never saw The Ex today and was thinking more about the Friday discussion and remembered that part of it was comparing sex between the two. Now THAT was a bit weird to be talking about, but she was good with it so ....."
- TNBuilder

Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 11:34:48 AM- Differences
I was thinking yesterday about the differences in sex with The Wife and The Ex ...
The Ex tastes better but will rarely give me head and although the experience is great is pretty much sort of one and done. Eat her to orgasm, fuck her to orgasm and done for a while (probably a day or two)
The Wife definitely does not taste as good (but not bad), does not orgasm from me eating her, but as proven this past week, can 'take it like a champ' proven by my fucking her five or six times in a row with her cumming each time. She (now) gives good head and willingly sucks me after I have fucked her.

I guess there are pros and cons to both, just was thinking yesterday and wanted to put it down on 'paper'
feedback is welcome.
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"Dude, I read your blogs and I have to admit, theres still a lot I dont understand. *grin* All I know is that youre getting a LOT more sex than most guys. *shrug* Some times sex isnt that weighty a matter. Some times it is. Only you can decide. Id be wary of anyone who told you that you "need to do this" or "need to do that". Its up to you, man."
- Shotguns&Tattoos

Monday, February 15, 2016, 1:49:02 PM- Valentines Day
Started out slow with me getting up earlier than The Wife but got better ...
Went back into the bed and thought at first that she would not wake up, I was ready to get out and start my day when she rolled over and started to stroke me. I enjoyed this for a bit then reached over to my dresser and grabbed my small Lelo vibe, reached around and started to vibe her and felt her getting wet. Pushed the vibe into her and she started to tremble and came once (or twice). She then wanted me to fuck her which I did until I came. Amazingly, I did not go soft so I fucked her a total of 5 (or 6) more times to multiple orgasms and ate the creampie during that. Definitely and better day than I had expected.
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Saturday, February 13, 2016, 12:43:36 PM- one month
Since The Wife and I have fucked. She keeps 'promising' sex, but nothing happening. Wednesday evening we were sitting next to each other on the sofa and she started sort of teasing me and when I tried to take it further, she said save it for Friday night. Thursday she got pissed that The Ex was in the house while I showered (Ok, so I did run through the house naked but so what) and last night, she just fell asleep. This evening, we have a mystery dinner - the first in quite a while due to my work - and I am sort of hoping that she will be in the mood after that.
I have come to the realization that all the sex last year was really more her attempting to 'win' me back than her wanting sex ~ at least it feels that way -
I guess I will see how this year progresses and, ultimately, that will determine the end result of the marriage. I am not opposed to staying in a relationship to be comfortable, but I am simply getting too old for bullshit!
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Friday, January 15, 2016, 3:27:03 PM- A fitting end to the week
Woke up with wood this morning and rolled over to push it against The Wifes ass. She slowly woke up and started hugging on me. We snuggled for a bit and I went to lick her pussy but she was impatient and pulled me up to fuck her. In the middle of what was a pretty good fuck, she grabbed my Right nipple and twisted HARD! I am not really into pain and had to tell her to stop which she did. We continued and both came nicely. Afterwards, she explained that her leg was cramping and that was why she grabbed me. Oh, well, no damage done really and it was a good fuck.
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Most Recent Comment:
"A good fuck is always good."
- crazy17222

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