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Sunday, July 05, 2015, 12:27:55 PM- Last Night (July 4th)
As we were going to bed and cuddling, The Wife was sort of playing with me so I was playing with her nipples and making the hard which we both enjoyed. She asked if we can go to bed and cuddle but not have sex. My answer is of course we can, she said she does not want to leave me 'wanting' and I assured her that if I feel neglected, I will let her know. We then had a brief discussion about our future sex life and she said she wants it to be somewhat unpredictable so essentially one or the other of us should initiate it at unexpected times ~ When she gets home from work or when I get home from work ~ I should wake her in the middle of the night by rubbing her pussy or she will wake me with a BJ or that kind of thing. Sounds interesting, sounds like my life may be improving greatly. additionally, we are trying to plan a weekend out of town since we have not taken a 'real' vacation in over 6 years.
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Saturday, July 04, 2015, 12:24:54 PM- Thursday
At request of The Wife, I met with The Ex and told her that she was no longer allowed in our home and we discussed that we had been found out. She was quite understanding and said as long as she could still work with me it did not really matter as she is working on getting her house straightened out a bit ( I do not hold out great hope for that though). After discussing everything, I assured her that it really did not change things with us and that if she still wanted the occasional fuck, we would manage but need to be more discreet and we promptly went upstairs and had a nice somewhat relaxed fuck. Now, I have to admit that since The Wife is actually putting effort into sex, she is better that The Ex.
Later I took an UBER ride to get to work where The Wife met me to take me home. When we got home, and went to bed we had another good fuck.
On Friday, we went shopping 'for her' and purchased some nice lingerie and a few new toys.
All in all, life is looking interesting but The Wife still has to prove that this it for real and not temporary.
Hoping for the best long term.
Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.
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"Been following the saga and hope it all works out well for you. Enjoy it and may all the happiness be real!"
- lovitt

Thursday, July 02, 2015, 5:16:34 PM- not feeling well
Last night we had a meeting with our attorney for estate planning purposes and then went out for sushi. I think we both ate a bit too much and The Wife came home feeling poorly so nothing happened in the bedroom. This morning she apologized since after she complained about hair in her throat after the most recent BJ, I trimmed up and managed to nick myself a few times and she had promised to kiss it and make it better. Well, we will work together tonight and have tomorrow off, so I am hoping for some good times over the next 24 hours.
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Wednesday, July 01, 2015, 12:44:43 PM- last night
Well, I guess this may turn into a daily blog if this keeps up!
The Wife came home yesterday and was pretty worn out from work. I had dinner ready and once she got comfortable and gave me a kiss, I heated it up. We sat together on the sofa to watch a bit of TV and spend some time with our birds but nothing really happened on the sofa (unlike the day before when she tried to ride me on the sofa ~ we are both too large for that). We watched a bit of the 10:00 news and then went to bed around 10:20 or so. When we got into bed, she was complaining about how her leg muscles hurt from climbing on me on the sofa so I said I would massage them which I did. She was like 'you are just trying to get me excited' to which I replied 'no, I really am just trying to make your legs feel better' but I was starting to smell her excitement so I kept it up. After about 20 minutes of me massaging her, she started moaning and pushed my hand to her pussy where I fingered her to her first orgasm at which point she got on her knees and had me fuck her doggy style which is another thing that we have not done in more years than I can count. After she came a second time, we lay down together and she got on her back and asked me to continue which I did. Unfortunately, between the early Am fuck and me jerking off in the afternoon, I could not cum, however she was determined to keep trying so she gave me a BJ for a bit. In the end, I told her that I felt great and not to worry about me cumming. As we lay together, she asked if I ever got just incredible horny at sort of inappropriate times like when I was working and I said, yes, I was horny for her all day Monday to which she replied that she was as well and had thought about texting me that she wanted me inside her but felt that she could not do that during the work day from work. I told her that I felt that would have been over the top hot!
As I said yesterday, I am not sure where this will go, but if it keeps up even at half or a quarter of this pace, I will be a happy camper. Meanwhile, I need to stop with my midday jerking off so she can get her fill of my cum!
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 11:01:58 PM- Tonight
I know that she is stopping to get her nails done on the way home, but I am wondering which version of The Wife will arrive tonight - the standoffish one from the last 10+ years or the sexual aggressor of the past few days. The biggest question is which is the long term / real person. Truthfully, as much as I DO love the amazing sex of the past 72 hours, it is a bit wearing and I would be happy with regular, albeit satisfying sex. I admit that I was quite surprised when she agreed to have sex this morning and must admit that I am enjoying seeing her have the sort of extreme orgasms that she appears to be experiencing. I just hope that this is not a phase and that she really is enjoying herself and not faking it.
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"Hope she comes home and sucks the cum out of your balls."
- crazy17222

Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 3:34:43 PM- Confirmed
So last night when The Wife got home from work, she almost attacked me (sexually) this from the woman who claims to have no desire for sex. I am not sure what to think, is this temporary, or permanent, does she think that by pretending to be passionate, it will erase The Ex? She certainly is not letting the fact that I fucked The Ex drop and is going to hold it over me for quite some time which will make things strained for sure. Suddenly, though she wants sex and is back to giving me amazing BJ's and more. I just do not know what to think. Additionally, she in a sort of roundabout way confirmed that she found the photos because she said she is keeping the evidence for the future. Well, I will find the flash drive and that will end that because I will be hanged if I would let her expose all of this to my kids! I know that sleeping with The Ex was wrong, but like I told her if she had not cut me off, it never would have happened and if she is not woman enough to make our relationship work, then she will not F with my kids because they are more important than anything else.
During the argument on Sunday she said some very hurtful things both about our relationship and about my kids and that is difficult to process and forgive ~ even if some of it is or may be true ~
Signing off for today
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Monday, June 29, 2015, 9:28:19 PM- update
Well, I think I know how she knows that I was fucking The Ex .... I am missing my flash drive that had the pics that I took. That is actually a good thing, since those were all taken on 2 or 3 occasions so she does not know about the other times that we fucked. I sort of figured that but since I cannot find the flash drive and it had other documents on it, that is the most logical answer. I will have to search her handbag when she is asleep to see, but I know that she mentioned going to Kinkos to get a large document printed and I am guessing that she searched my desk for a flash drive and grabbed that one. It had been secured in the back of my drawer, but I took it out last week and must have forgotten to put it back. Oh well, it may be for the best. It will either save my marriage, or will prove that there was nothing to save. now to see if I can stop fucking The Ex for real.
One of the things that she got started on yesterday was cleaning the hot tub, which I completed for her today. I texted her and she was happy that I was completing it so maybe that will finally become the play place that I had hoped for.
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Monday, June 29, 2015, 12:51:29 PM- What A Weekend!!
Well, Saturday we had an event with my food truck that was fun, but did not turn out near as well as I had expected. During the morning I spoke with The Wife and she was cleaning the house and the guest bath (where The Ex showers) then got news that the lady that introduced The Wife and I was in the hospital (turned out to not be cancer, but she will need to see more doctors). The Wife had to bring us more Ice Tea to the event and she was very quiet when she was there. Finally got home and offered to take her out to dinner but she was sullen (sort of normal recently) so I made a quick dinner at home. I, again thought about trying to sleep with her but as we were ready to go to bed, she announced a 'killer headache' no real surprise there so I went up to 'my' room and went to bed.
The morning was pretty normal and we headed out to a local flea market for a few supplies. During the drive, she announced that she knew that I had been fucking The Ex! Well, I was not totally surprised but I WAS prepared with my answer, 'you will not sleep with me, and I am not going to live without sex, so I figured she was safe'. To be honest, that was not a great answer for her, as she sees The Ex as competition, but that was my answer.
Needless to say, this lead to an extended argument. We got home about 1, and I told her that since I had not slept well, I was going back up to bed. I went to my room and turned on the a/c but it was still hot, I went downstairs to wait for it to cool off and she wanted to talk. We sat on the stairs and talked for a bit {more like arguing who was right - my point being if she was loving to me, I would never have looked elsewhere and her point being that she felt that she could never live up to The Ex since she is the mother of my kids} Finally I said, look, I am going to go up to bed since it is cool by now, she encouraged me to come to 'her bed' and being the weak person I am I said yes. I lay down and she asked me to move over so she could lay behind me. For the first time in MANY years, she snuggled up to me and acted loving. We dozed like this for about 90 minutes then she moved her hand to start exciting me and I moved her hand off and told her to not do that because she had said she did not want to and I did not want her doing anything that she did not want to but she moved her hand right back and then started moving it inside the waistband of my underwear. Well, this led to some of the best lovemaking since before we were married. We fucked and sucked, I ate a cream pie from her (a first) while she came for the second time, then she sucked me after I had fucked her and we actually kissed with the passion that I remember from days past. The love making included me fingering her but which seemed to really get her off and she once again enjoyed me sucking on her tits. We finally got out of bed and ran a few more errands and did some house cleaning. I made dinner and we went to be early where we made love again. I have to admit that it was nice to wake up to her even if she does snore a bit.
one of the things that she said while we were arguing proved the passive aggressive nature of how she was treating me and the were:
When I mentioned that we did not kiss when we were sleeping in the same bed but suddenly kissed goodnight when I started sleeping upstairs her response was that she new that if she gave me an inch I would take a mile
Ultimately she made lots of excuses for not having sex and none of them rang true to me. I pointed out that I did everything she asked me to do except cutting The Ex completely out of our life and nothing was good enough. I have agreed to not have The Ex around the house at this point, but we will have to see if this continues or if yesterday and last night was her attempt to stave off the inevitable. She did sleep in the nude last night but we will see how things progress.
I made it as clear as I could that this is pretty much 'on her' to save things. I WILL do my part, but she must work at it as well.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015, 3:59:31 AM-
Had the idea to sleep with The Wife tonight so I cleared 'my' side of the bed from the clothing that is stored there. Shortly after that we were sitting in the living room watching the news and she announced that she has a headache and feels horrible. Well, that means there is no point in trying to sleep with her. Oh, well. such is life, I am actually pretty tired anyway so I will go to sleep now.
Hope everyone has a great and sexy weekend.
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Monday, June 22, 2015, 11:15:14 AM- Fathers Day
came and went and nothing changed in the sex arena. The Wife did not let me know when she was waking up she just came out and was like 'Good Morning' and being rather pissed off (but not surprised) I just grunted a reply. She then spent the day working with me in the food truck since all of my other help bailed so for that I am grateful, but you would think on Fathers Day she might have made an effort.
Headed to see my neurologist for a follow up this morning so we will see how that goes - hoping that he will lower my meds dosage so I am a bit more functional.
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