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Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 10:15:51 PM- 2 weeks later
sort of ...
Well I woke up this morning horny (as usual) and managed to get The Wife to wake up enough for a 'quickie' not super satisfying, but I was tired of taking matters into my own hands and plans with The Ex keep getting put off.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 12:40:48 PM- Saturday
We were both off of work on Saturday so we did our errands and came home for a bit before we went out to the county fair. I was tired so went to rest in bed. Next thing The Wife is there with me and before I know it, we are fucking. This was the way I like it. Plenty of foreplay including her sucking me, me eating her while she uses her vibe on herself, and even a full on 69 with me on top basically fucking her mouth(the first time in LONG time for that). Despite what she was working toward, I did not cum from the oral attention, I was intent on depositing my load in her pussy which I did, I then fingered her a bit and went to fuck her to another orgasm after which I went to eat her again, but after just a few swipes with my tongue she begged me to stop as she was too sensitive. All in all, 3 or 4 orgasms for her and lots of fun for me. At the end, her response was 'I LOVE Afternoon Sex'
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Monday, August 29, 2016, 12:53:09 PM- 3 weeks on
And The Wife and I have still not fucked again. No real surprise there, as I am still convinced that her 'sudden' renewed interest in fucking starting a year ago was mainly to keep me when she found that I was fucking The Ex. After an energetic start where she was trying to have sex at any opportunity, it has dwindled off to an average of once every few weeks or longer and pretty vanilla sex. Oh, well, we will see how the next 6 months go and if she cannot get herself back in the saddle, it may be over although I am not looking forward to being single in my 50's. We have a couple of trips scheduled before the end of the year and I do not want to screw them up.
Hoping that The Ex will finally make some time for me, as a few weeks ago, I suggested a BJ and she said with chocolate syrup so I went and got some and she confirmed that when we get together the syrup would make it a 'go'. Of course, that means that she has to find time to get over here and get together with me.
Oh, well, life sort of sucks, but I DO love my new business venture and at least that is satisfying.
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"She / We have a few of them and use them mutually when anything happens. I have sort of caught her a few times but never let on that I knew.
A bit over a year ago when she found out that I was fucking The Ex she went a bit apeshit and, I think in the interest of 'winning' me back we were having sex like teenagers, but that has gone away now, not to my surprise. Unfortunately, The Ex is so busy with her job that we no longer have time to fuck, so for now, I am just enjoying being on here and the occasional fuck with The Wife when she is 'In The Mood'. It is sort of funny that she grew up in Germany but for all the supposed free thinking of Europeans, she is pretty reserved in bed."
- TNBuilder

Friday, August 26, 2016, 6:58:15 PM- sort of the norm
So The Ex is, as usual, wanting to fuck, but too busy with other distractions to make time to get here. She says maybe next Monday. We will see. Meanwhile, The Wife got all bent out of shape with me because I gave her a tidbit of information on the gal who works with me needing surgery and when she pressed me for more details I did not have them so she pressed harder and I got a bit pissy with her. I do not need or want to have all the personal medical information on this lady. It is none of my business except that she will need about 2 weeks off of work and The Ex will have to work with me during that time when she can, I think The Wife is worried that I am interested in my co-worker which could not be further from the truth. Very much not my type, but suddenly The Wife got all touchy feeley last night although no sex.
Well, we will see how this weekend goes.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 7:37:31 PM- sort of as expected
Texted with The Ex this morning and she is too busy at work today to get together, but said she wants to try again for tomorrow ..... we will see. :/
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Monday, August 22, 2016, 12:41:47 PM- The last week
Last weekend (the 13/14th) The Wife and I fucked pretty good one time. During the week, nothing happening. This past Saturday, we ended up working about an hour apart - me at home and her in a hotel - She ran out of supplies so I drove to bring them to her and stayed overnight. I had hoped for some loving, but nothing happening. Drove home early (5 Am) on Sunday to go back to my work. Worked with my regular assistant and The Ex with my food truck at a festival and had a pretty good day.
Thought that maybe The Wife would be in the mood even if tired on Sunday night, but she got her period and was 'too sore' all over from work so nothing happening which probably means nothing for at least another week.
The Ex, on the other hand, made it clear that she is VERY ready to fuck again so we are trying to meet up tomorrow afternoon.
It should be an interesting week.
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Friday, August 12, 2016, 12:40:46 PM- A bit of a surprise
Although we have talked about going to bed early to fuck, The Wife is usually rather insistent about staying up to watch the news and weather (I keep remind her that we cannot change either and that the weather will still be there in the morning). Anyway, Wednesday evening we went to bed at our normal time around 10:30 after the news. Surprisingly, she started getting frisky with me - well who am I to argue? Next thing I know, she is blowing me and I am fingering her. I move to lick her but she complains that she cannot suck me while I am doing that so I get back up and let her suck while I finger her. The BJ is getting to be too much so I tell her that I want to fuck. I proceed to fuck her to 2 LOUD orgasms but I have not cum yet (probably because I had been on here jerking off a few times that day). She becomes rather obsessed with getting me to cum so since I was still hard, I go back to fucking her. She cums one more time and I finally cum as well. All in all, a nice way to end the day.
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- Be4andAfter

Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 12:44:56 PM- Past weekend
The Wife and I (along with my younger son age 22) took a trip to visit my mom. As usual, The Wife and I stayed in her 'guest' cottage for privacy, and due to lack of space in the main house - this is my folks weekend place, sure wish I had a weekend place. Got in Thursday evening and both quickly fell asleep. Friday evening, I was not feeling well due to too much sun, but she was in the mood, so we cuddled on the sofa and fooled around a bit before moving it to the bedroom where we had a pretty good fuck. As usual with her, it tends to be mostly play with each other a bit then fuck with minimal oral unless I push that aspect and since I was not feeling great (but was not going to turn down sex) I decided to take what was offered. She came 2 or 3 times and I came once. Nothing more Saturday night or Sunday when we got home but hoping for 'something' this week.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 9:39:02 PM- This morning
The Wife wakes up a bit on the horny side this morning and after a few minutes I went to fuck her. Fucked her to at least 2 orgasms. Oddly enough, I was unable to cum which was pretty frustrating, but I guess I am still a bit unsure of myself with her since the blowup last year and not sure if she really wants to fuck or if she is doing it to keep me from fucking others.
For the time being, at least, I am not fucking anyone else (although The Ex and I have been talking about it).
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 9:42:46 PM- Bed is decent
So this morning we 'broke in' the sleep number bed and it was interesting. Not as easy as the old waterbed to fuck on, but not bad. Probably need to make some pressure adjustments but to an extent we are both sleeping better. It is definitely different. Any of you have experience with them? Input is welcome.
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