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Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 5:12:33 AM- Passive Agressive
Well, it dawned on me over the weekend that The Wife is being quite passive aggressive about not having sex. She makes sure that what was formerly 'my' side of the bed pretty much always has 'stuff' on it so that even if I wanted to sleep with her, there is no place for me. I am not sure, actually do not think, that it is purposeful, but it is passive aggressive nonetheless. We are now going on 4 months since we last had sex and that is pretty sorry. I am somewhat hopeful that with her now having left her job that she will feel better and perhaps want sex but I am not getting my hopes up.
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"I'm curious if you asked her if she'd mind if you got some on the side, what she'd say? Tell her you at least want some for Christmas. Can be your present from her"
- chargingram

Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 10:23:44 PM- Today
Well, actually yesterday is when this starts.
I spoke with The ex yesterday and she wanted to come over today for 'breakfast' with her as the main course. I had an early meeting and she knew that but said she would manage her schedule so when I got up this morning I popped on NN but did not jerk off as she prefers a larger load and I want her happy. Finally spoke with her as I was leaving my meeting and she could no longer manage her time to meet me so I came home and perved and jerked off. Would really have preferred to fuck her, but oh well.

So The Wife has now been back home for 2 weeks (as of tonight) and she is officially quitting her job. This is another thing that she ways will remove stress and improve our (non existent) sex life. Well, we will see. This Friday is her last day at the current job and she already has her first interview set up. So if she is more relaxed, perhaps there will be sex this weekend. I am not about to hold my breath, but it sure would be a nice surprise.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2014, 5:32:43 AM- She was hot today
The Ex came over this afternoon as she had promised and pretty much just headed straight up to my room. She grabbed a washcloth and gave herself a thorough wipe down and lay down in bed. I joined her and we held each other as I began to suck on her tits and lightly finger her ass and pussy. She moved me from one tit to the other and back a few times. After a bit of this, she, as usual, pushed me down to eat her delicious pussy during which I toyed with her nipples. This went on for about 10 minutes as she kept saying that she could cum immediately but enjoyed it so much that she did not want to. She finally let herself go and came with an amazing scream (even louder than usual) as usual as soon as she came she pulled me up to fuck her and I quickly entered her. I was actually a bit surprised at how wet she was - she is normally pretty moist, but this time and last she was pretty much dripping. I love it! I fucked her as hard as I could which is what she has come to enjoy and encourage as she came a second time and shortly after that I pulled out and came on her.
Now the funny / odd part ... She actually has a date tonight with a new fellow. I sort of think she gets hot thinking about the date and figures that if we fuck she will not be so horny during the date and therefore will be better able to control her hormones and not sleep with the fellow she is going out with as she has done this before with me. Well, that is fine with me, but it really would be good for her to meet a 'good' person and get into a conventional, positive relationship even if it meant the end of our sex life.
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Monday, December 01, 2014, 6:21:50 PM- Trying to be understanding
So The Wife has now been back for 6 1/2 days and absolutely no affection. From the way she was talking when we spoke while she was traveling, I really was expecting that she would be affectionate to me, perhaps even suggesting sexual activity, but NO, not a peep. To be fair, she has been a bit under the weather, but as much as she claimed to be missing me, I was really expecting 'something' - and I have been strongly hinting.
Was driving last night for UBER and got rear ended which simply pisses me off, that is my new Jeep, Damnit!
Texted The Ex this morning is she wanted breakfast (thinking sex) and she said she would be by to have oatmeal. When she got here, I suggested a 'quickie' and she said she had actually been thinking the same thing but would have to wait since she had to get to work. She said that usually, she does not really 'get started' till we are in bed or in the tub, but she woke up 'ready' and wishes we had time today. Assuming that The Wife actually goes back to work tomorrow, perhaps we will manage to fuck then.
Well, that has been my Monday. Hope everyone made it through the holiday safe and sound.
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Thursday, November 27, 2014, 12:57:32 PM- She is back
Well, The Wife is back from her trip and things are instantly back to normal. She claims to be glad to be home (which I believe) but she shows no affection to me. When I said I was going to drive for UBER last night or I could stay home and ravish her she said driving sounded like a good idea. Yep, that is passion - NOT. Later I suggested that I might come home earlier so we could spend some time together and she was like whatever. Oh, well, I really did not expect anything else. Add to that that I had oral surgery on Monday and I was really hoping for some loving (and she had sort of promised some over the phone) but oh, well.
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Monday, November 24, 2014, 12:08:37 PM- Finally
Well, last night The Ex came over (as usual when The Wife has been gone) and quite late put her kid to sleep. Finally, about 11:30 we went out to the hot tub to relax. Only problem was that I had just adjusted the chemicals and the chlorine was a bit strong.
Anyway, we sat looking up at the stars and having a relaxing time sharing a glass of wine. While we were sitting, I was stroking her body, playing with the Right nipple and occasionally slipping my hand down to her pussy. After about 30 minutes, she turned and I could not help myself as I bent down to suck on her nipple which was like turning on a switch with her. I sucked on one then the other for a few minutes before she moved herself so I could rub my dick around her pussy while continuing to suck on her tits. Unfortunately, I am taller than her and fucking while still sucking on her tits was difficult (I guess I am not a teenager anymore) After a bit she got frustrated and we got out and moved up to my bed where I started sucking on her nipples again but she was impatient and requested that I move south, I moved down to start sucking on her pussy and she was absolutely DRIPPING! I ate her for about 10 minutes until her body stiffened as she came and then moved up to fuck her. I had already put on a condom so there was no delay, she felt wonderful, but I knew that I would not cum with the condom on. I pulled out and said 'don't worry I will not cum in you' and started back to fuck her good for a few minuted before I pulled out and came on her stomach.
We lay in bed for a few minutes (by this time is was about 1:00 AM and I got her to go down to her kid she there would not be a question of where she had slept.
It is always a bit of a question if things are going to be as planned with her, but it is always worth it.
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Friday, November 21, 2014, 11:32:55 PM- Friday Night
Well, It is Friday night and it has been almost 2 weeks since The Wife went on her vacation. The Ex has been hanging around but we only fucked one time because she has been 'fluish'. Well, tonight she said to heat up , the hot tub and when her kid is asleep perhaps we will get in the hot tub and fool around which will lead to fucking for sure. I would be so happy if we could fuck 2 or 3 times before The Wife returns but that may be asking too much.
We will see, she DOES greatly enjoy sex with me and if she feels well, hopefully we can get in a few good fucks before things change. Meanwhile, The Wife is complaining about how much she misses me but I doubt that she will express that 'love' in a sexual way on her return.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014, 11:53:20 AM- not as much fun as expected
Well, This weekend, I had another Bird Show to be at and I had expected that The Ex would join me. I was going to get a suite type hotel room so her kid could sleep alone and we could have some fun times but she ended up having to work so cold not join me. Since I was alone, I got a fairly cheap motel room and spent the 2 nights alone (with NN for company). Sort of thought about heading to a bar and seeing if I could pick up some 'company', but that has never really been my scene. Heading back home tonight and hoping that The Ex is feeling better (she has been a bit Fluie) so we can have a bit more sex before The Wife returns. I was really hoping to make up for some lost time over the 2 1/2 weeks that we had together but so far only fucked one time.
Oh well, that is more than The Wife and I would have.
Gonna be interesting when she returns to see if she is 'relaxed' and that somehow translates into more sex. I have my doubts, but we will see.
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Sunday, November 09, 2014, 2:38:51 PM- Finally
Yesterday, I sent The Wife off on a trip with her mom for almost 3 weeks. Went driving for UBER for a few hours, then came home and sat with my birds for a while before going out to dinner with The Ex. Came home from dinner, she showered and we went upstairs and had a nice fuck. Spent about 45 minutes, started with cuddling and moved onto me eating her to her 'usual' screaming orgasm followed by me fucking her to the next one. When done, she mentioned that her pussy was a bit sore - first blaming it on lack of sexual activity but then realizing that it was quite probably due to my new, growing mustache. Luckily, she will not let that stop her/us as she wants a repeat performance as soon as possible.
Went out to drive for UBER again from 10:30 - 4:00, came home and went to sleep but was woken up by sharp pain in my jaw. I have had ongoing dental issues and apparently the infection that we thought was gone is not quite so. I am back on major pain killers and waiting on the DR to call me back.
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Monday, November 03, 2014, 2:52:43 PM- A weekend away
Now, with a title like that, you would be expecting some HOT SEX (probably not so much if you know my situation), welll - you would be wrong.
I spent the past 4 days on a trip with my Oldest daughter (and her kids) and youngest son visiting with my Mom. I left mid day on Thursday and returned late last night.
The Wife picked me and my son up from the airport, we dropped him off at his place and then went home. I sort of expected - since she was saying how much she missed me all weekend - that maybe she was going to have 'her' bed fixed up where we could have a night of cuddling and such but it was covered (except for her space) with clean laundry. We sat and watched TV for a bit when we got home and then both went to our separate beds (She did put fresh sheets on mine).
Now, mind you, this coming Saturday she leaves for a 3 week trip with her mom. I am curious if we will have any sexual activity before her departure and somewhat torn if I want it or not.
I am hoping to spend a few nights with The Ex while she is gone and am seriously looking for a hookup or two during that time - maybe something that will become a long term FWB if I am lucky.
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