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Thursday, October 16, 2014, 3:59:01 AM- More rambling
Hi to all my sweet NN friends …

Well….! I can see “A” guys are offended when females talk about their sports People, “B” most my friends on NN are in other countries and have no idea what I am talking about, or “C” I had a subject that had nothing to do with sex.
Girls and ladies ……have you ever had a guy that said he could eat you all night long? Come to find out his night starts and 11:55 pm and ends at midnight? Humor, that was a funny, but just saying sometimes Sex talk is not reality. I have a hard time dealing with junk, guys put out, to believe them when it comes to their sex talks on here.

Then there are guys I really like to chat with and are just interested in chat and life that seem to be a little off the Ferris-wheel-ride. They are good people but seem to be ready to go off the deep end over nothing. Their life, like the rest of us goes round in circles, yet they can’t seem to grasp the concept they can change it from their past experiences. They just keep on repeating and falling back on past mistakes they make and repeating them and then want us to feel sorry for them.

They are like I remember this and that and want it to be that again. Bad news it isn’t going to happen. Grow up and get a clue….that was then and now is now. If you want to live in the past and hold on to what you wanted……you’re wasting your time.

Your past is what it is, if you blew it with someone …well it’s your fault. Don’t spend the rest of your life trying to find or blame someone else.

Sometimes I wonder if typing my true feelings on things is even worth the effort. Too bad for you folks, I am only going to post what I feel and think. Too bad for me folks don’t like what I say or feel. I would rather post what I think and feel, than post some bogus thing that people want to hear to get their rocks off.

I have posted exotic stories, photos, and blogs in the past and am very capable of doing so again, but why? If one has to do so to make or keep a friend on here is it really worth the effort to be someone I am not?

Guys message me all the time wanting to write an exotic story with me in it. My first response is…..No! Why? Because you put me doing things and in places I would never be or things I would never do. There for the story means nothing to me or does nothing for me. Just saying………………

Due to some recent health issues I guess I am more cynical than normal.

I do love all my friends on here just, sorry just venting a bit. Sorry.

Dream a little dream of me............

Yup like it or not..........

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"I am another big "fan" who always reads your blogs. I usually agree with what you say. As for venting, as others have already said that is what a blog is for. Otherwise, what's the point? You just keep doing what you are doing. That's why we love you!"
- B&B_Guy

Friday, October 10, 2014, 5:24:18 PM- Soap Bax
Hi Allz!
I had an excellent Birthday. Mick, Bella and I went out to eat then straight to the corn mazes. The first Maze had a Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins. Bella was wide eyed and loved it. I think she picked out the biggest one….too many Cinderella movies.

Bella is still getting her walking down; she can make it about 3 feet then parks it on her butt. So it was nice that this corn maze had Hay wagon rides. We took about 3 rides on the wagon, she loved it. They had some pumpkin clowns that would show up in places giving out little toys and candy to the kids, that was kewl and different.

The Second Maze was one of our favorites they had 4 wheelers and had little wagons to pull behind them for the kids. Mick drove and Bella and I snuggled up in the wagon and enjoyed the long ride.

Best Birthday Everrrrrrrrrrrrrr lolz.

Steps up on her Soap Box.

Pro Athletes….College Athletes…even High School Athletes.
They have been getting away with rape, abuse, and other crimes too long. Just because they are stars they can steal, rape, and abuse folks and have little to fear with consequences. They make mega bucks and use their money to be “above the Law”. I am so sick of seeing how they commit crimes that us normal folks would be put under the jail, get up and say “I am sorry I was wrong”. Damn right you were wrong you should go to jail like the rest of us would. Yet Media and our court system say oh they are sorry we forgive them and let them go back to their game.

Now, get this, even if they suspend them from playing they still get their million dollar salary……WTF? What kinda punishment is that? Hey…you can’t play, but here is your paycheck…….Do you honestly think your boss would do that if you committed crimes? I don’t think so.

College Sports is about as bad. Stars rape and abuse women…..Florida State Quarterback….and still play and get by while the cover up is being made. I even read about an Ohio High School that covered up star player’s rape of girls.

We have a star Pro player that smokes weed and beats his kids till they have whelps on their legs.
One that gives his G/F now wife a knock out blow in an elevator.

Numerous players that get caught with DUI’s even though the Pro sports have escort vehicles that will drive them.

Yup, they play the next game.

A college player that steals crab legs and rapes women….plays the next game

I will say the colleges are more active about suspending players of wrong doing than the Pro people.

I am so happy to see the Pro leagues as well as colleges address domestic violence…..finally!

Saying all this, that is about 5 % of college and Pro players. The other 95% gives back to their community and cares for youth and lives they can touch. I just think the 5% we need to remove from our society and treat them like the cancer they are.

Seems the Stars use their Talent and money to be above the Law as well as their school or Team.

I hope society removes that umbrella that protects them.

I am the Hick Chick Deluxe and I approve my Blog. lolz

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"Glad your birthday was aces!!! And little Bella sounds like a joy.
As for the rest = preach on sister, sing it loud, sing it proud"
- OldTroubador

Tuesday, October 07, 2014, 4:35:22 AM- Happy birthday to NN.
Hi allz!

Happy birthday to NN may the next 12 be as good and better. My b-day is the 7th so it is a good celebration for us both .

I want bore you with my usual stuff any more.

Just short and sweet

I love you all

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"I hope, you had a wondeful day
- whokens

Sunday, September 28, 2014, 5:27:46 PM- Fall is on the way
Hi all my sweet sexy NN friends!

Yup yup yup Fall is on the way. Mother nature is switching us too her beautiful Autumn foliage. She will be painting the vivid colors we all love to see and enjoy. Cooler temps at night are already here, which makes hanging out by a nice warm fire so cozy. The Corn Maze frenzy is heating up all over the county. We are making out plans to go visit are favorite farms next week end and give Bella her first visit to a few of the smaller ones.

We had a Bonn fire last night for the family and enjoyed our first cool evening under the stars and by the warm fire.

I posted 3 more projects we have completed this summer on Allombo . They were small projects we kinda did while waiting on other projects to dry or parts to complete them.

I have really enjoyed this summer getting to work with Mick on projects and spend time with him and Bella. I am looking forward to the Fall and snow this winter but, I will miss the days and nights outside with Mick working on fun projects.

Here is one of the projects I posted on Allombo, it is a Chinese Checker board.

Thats all I have for today.....have a great week.

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"What a great looking game! I have always enjoyed sitting by a fire on a cool night!"
- guitartxn

Sunday, September 21, 2014, 10:42:40 AM- Recipes and Wagons
Hi All my NN Friends!

I posted some photos on Allombo of our wagons. I will post a couple before and after photos here. We have lots of progression photos of the project but, I will have to do a slide show or something to post them.

………… FIRST

Here are the recipes I said I would post.

Pecan Pie Cobbler

1 box refrigerated pie crust, softened as directed on box (two pie crust).
2 1/2 cups light corn syrup
2 1/2 cups packed brown sugar
1/2 cup butter, melted
4 ½ teaspoons vanilla
6 eggs, slightly beaten
2 cups coarsely chopped pecans
2 cups pecan halves

• Heat oven to 425°F. Grease 13x9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish with shortening or cooking spray. Remove 1 pie crust from pouch; unroll on work surface. Roll into 13x9-inch rectangle. Place crust in dish; trim edges to fit.
• In large bowl, stir corn syrup, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and eggs with wire whisk. Stir in chopped pecans. Spoon half of filling into crust-lined dish. Remove second pie crust from pouch; unroll on work surface. Roll into 13x9-inch rectangle. Place crust over filling; trim edges to fit. Spray crust with butter-flavor cooking spray.
• Bake 14 to 16 minutes or until browned. Reduce oven temperature to 350°F. Carefully spoon remaining filling over baked pastry; arrange pecan halves on top in decorative fashion. Bake 30 minutes longer or until set. Cool 20 minutes on cooling rack.


2/3 c. sugar
Dash of salt
1 tbsp. flour
3 tbsp. cocoa
2 egg yolks, beaten
2 c. evaporated milk
2 tbsp. butter
1 tsp. vanilla (2 tsp. if imitation)
2 lg. or 3 med. bananas
1 box vanilla wafers, won't need all

Mix sugar, salt, flour and cocoa in a saucepan. Add beaten egg yolks and milk. Cook until thickens, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, add butter and stir until it melts. Add vanilla; stir well. Let cool. Then add sliced bananas to pudding; mix well.
Line bottom and sides of 6" x 10" x 1 3/4" (1 1/2 quart) Pyrex dish and with vanilla wafers. Pour the pudding banana mixture in dish. Cover top with layer of wafers. Spread meringue over wafers and bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 5 minutes or until delicately brown. Serve immediately, or serve chilled.

MERINGUE: Beat 2 egg whites until they stiffen. Slowly add 4 tablespoons sugar. Whip until it forms peaks (1 teaspoon vanilla optional). Spread and bake.

Mick and I finished our wagon Projects here are some before and After Photos.

Radio Flyer


Road Master to John Deere


That’s all for today!
Keep a Smile on ya Face, someone can use it.

AS always............

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"the wagons are great, and the food yummy"
- Ley-dd

Thursday, September 18, 2014, 3:25:07 AM- I am back.....................Sorry
Hi Allz :)

Miss me?

Yea right hahahahahah nudie is the only one who was worried .

Wish I had a heart felt story to tell ya why I been gone for a few weeks....but I don't :(

We had a wind storm and blew a tree limb off through the roof and the internet dish was knocked about three counties off the roof. we had to wait to get the roof fixed then the dish was put back on. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am sorry i have no sad story , but it was just a mother nature thing.

I got more lata, I got to get up on my Soap box about Pro athletes, just not now.

I love all you fine NN Folks and have a great week!

AS always............

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

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Most Recent Comment:
"xxoxoxo. I haven't been around much either. But I am back in almost full swing"
- tight_wet_lips

Friday, August 29, 2014, 3:38:06 AM- Prayers and peace for my friend!
Hello my friends on NN.

I didn’t make much of a Blog last time because I was respecting a great friend on here.

I just wanted love to be the main theme.

One of my best friends lost her husband and I didn’t feel my normal foolish, funny, Faith Blog was proper.
I love her and I hope my prayers were somewhat a comfort to her and her family.

I spend time in chat and Status and do it stealth to observe at times and join in at times too.

I have observed things:

Status….there is 3 status groups…..

1. Older members that let few folks in and chat with them …basically they don’t respond when you comment. They are more interested in post pics fakes and kinda form a group.

2. Folks that are there for friendship and chat and try to talk to everyone and make friends.

3. Freaks looking for freaks to have some kind of private conversations just ( to get off).

I have no problem with any of the 3 groups, I talk to them all.

Chat room I love because it is the same folks but at a much faster pace. I don’t have to wait 30 minutes to get a response. I just like cutting up and having fun and sadly My NN experience of that is going away. Folks are into meeting up or doing cam and such, which is good for NN but just not my fun.

Am I mad or aggravated? No, I am happy NN is growing and getting more members. I am just sad some of us older members that were here for friends ships keep losing our numbers.

MR NN and the NN site:

Not many sites have the owner live to talk to in status or forum. We members should love and respect that opportunity.
I have talk to him several times in those venues. I wanted to change my name and it took over a year but once I talked to him and told him why “Bang” it was done. He is a very busy man but, if you can catch him he will take care of your needs.
He don’t know me from Adam, if you ask him, who the Hick Chick Deluxe is…….he would have no idea who I am.

Lots of folks on here say he has his favorites. I am sure he does. There is so many folks that go out of their way to post addies on other sites and promote NN to folks. If I was Mr NN I would be proud of those folks and give them some NN perks too
Those complainers and folks that say that are just those complainers.

Long Live NN and I hope from a clothed poster yawl don’t take me as a non-supporter.

I love all you my friends, I look at the fact I have like 5 comments on my last 3 blogs including mine lolz but, over 200 hundred views per blog  thank you I am glad you are reading them . Your comments are not necessary I know you are reading them my friends.

I love all you fine NN Folks and have a great week!

AS always............

Often imitated, but never duplicated

The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"You have a way of just putting it out there. I adore you for that.

I am sorry to hear about your friend. Hugs to you."
- tight_wet_lips

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 3:02:07 AM- Love and friends
I love ya all......:) xxoooo

Stay true to yourself and beliefs.

Faith out....................
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Most Recent Comment:
"Hugs to you, Lil Sis"
- tight_wet_lips

Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 4:06:59 AM- Pickles and corn and dancing ..Oh My!
Hi all you NN Folks!

I hope you all had an awesome week and weekend…..

Mom and I teamed up last Thursday to make some Kosher Dill Pickles. We made like 3 Gallon of them if our math was right.

Neither mom nor I have every made them before so we are hoping they don’t taste like “Aunt Bee’s” pickles from the show Andy Griffin. Andy and Opie said they tasted Like Turpentine and they poured them out a filled the jars with store bought pickles.

After the Pickling we processed and froze 4 dozen ears of corn on the cob. This Thursday we are going to process and freeze 4 more dozen ears of corn, yellow squash, and some zucchini.

Then we are done canning and freezing unless we decide to can some whole tomatoes…….say tuned hahahaha

Saturday we all went to lil sisters “AJ” Dance Recital. It started and lasted until 7 pm whew! There were 150 something dancers. They had 30 group and individual dances all combined.
AJ had one Jazz dance session with 2 other girls …….one group ballet session, One Jazz session with her and her little BGF by their selves, and a group Tap session. All of them did so good and looked awesome in their costumes for each of the dances.

In other news….hahaha it rained! I mean the last 3 days it has rained a lot! The last Rain we had was at the End of May so you can figure how dry it was.

I saw a group of little Baby Frogs on the front porch looking out in the yard at the Rain. They were asking…”Faith what is this water falling from the ski”? I said “little froggy, we call that rain”. I said rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes us drunk and we pass out and leave the outside lights on all night and you frogs have all kinds of bugs to munch on.

Yes, I am a frog whisperer………We all have some kinda talent eh? Hahahaha

NN news…..Check out solorunner’s latest photo………I know, I rarely ever look at photo’s , he did one with the background and Caption I ask for…… Check it out! NOW….you know you want too….go ahead no one is watching you….just a peek!!!

Thank you solo…it was perfect as per my request!!

OK that is all From Hick Town for now.

OH! OH! OH! I even have a song for my town Showie…hehehehehe

Whew Whew !

Yawl have fun and play nice.

I love all you fine NN Folks and have a great week!

AS always............

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"Did you say pickles? I can eat an entire jar in one sitting"
- tight_wet_lips

Tuesday, August 05, 2014, 4:26:03 AM- Get you a drink and some Popcorn this is long!
Hi all my sweet Friends here on NN!

I hope your week end was excellent and your self and families had a great time or adventure.

Saturday,Mick and I worked on the little Red wagon I mentioned from a blog or so back for the mother of the little boy that past recently.

We disassembled it down to just parts and did the paint remover and sanded it all down and got it ready to clear coat and paint.....yes we have photos......for later :)

My job is helping disassemble, striping the old paint off, sanding every thing,helping paint and reassembly. The only power tools I am allowed to use is the Palm Sander and the power screw driver thing. Mick does the sawing, grinding, rotary wire brush thing, well any thing that requires power tools.

We will do the metal parts and frame some time this week or weekend. Then paint all the stuff and reassemble with the new floor. We choose oak for the new floor for the nice finish and wood grain.

I will post some photos on another blog and on the other site later when we are finished.

I Know I have not blogged much in the last few months, but in an attempt to keep up with Bella since the crawling and pulling up it is like chasing a tornado or more like the Tasmanian Devil. The other reason is the company I work for starts their New year in accounting in July instead of January as many companies do. I have been busy here working at home and have had to spend 2 or 3 days a week at the office to help close out the year.

OK, get this!

Bella and I come home Thursday from the grocery store, open the carport gate.......there is a small flat screen TV sitting on one of our bar stools. We walked towards it and after a closer inspection, the TV is mounted with screws to the stool. I am like what?

Mick comes walking out of the Shop with a big smile on his face. I of coarse ask " Why did you mount a TV on one of our bar stools"? He Says " actually it is not one of ours, I bought it at Walmart and got the little 19 inch TV to mount on it".

Well ok, now I understand it makes perfect sense.............."NOT"

Mick says, as he pointed to one of the carport post "I run a TV cable and put in a power outlet here so we can watch TV out here while we do projects and such". The "Such" I found out later was Sports....The NFL Football season will start this week end. LOLZ

So my next Question do know it rains and from what I understand, water and electronics do not work well together. No problem he points down to the stool and he made shelf on it with a power out let block and TV line hook up thing. He walks over and unplugs both in like 5 seconds. He says "see you can plug it in or unplug it Quick, and It is so light you can just pack it inside.

Saturday morning went to town for supplies to work on the Little wagon. He came in toting a box with a 25 inch TV. He was like well the 19 inch was just to Small and besides it has a built in DVD player. So he mounted it on the stool before we started on the wagon.

I have to was a pretty kewl idea. I like it. We sat outside Saturday night until midnight watching TV by a fire in our fire pit :)

An "Expanded Version" of the I made on Whokie's Blog today.

I think I posted once on a blog...some folks like nude photos, myself I love seeing photos from far-away places that I never seen before and I immerse my self into those photos and try to feel what it would be like there. I have looked at photos of landscapes for 10 minutes or longer dreaming what it would feel like . All the sounds and smells of the scenery. I picture on many beach scenes what Little Bella would thing and do. The spray of Ocean water as mists on to your face. The taste of salt water on my lips. The constant thunder of the waves pounding into the beach. Some times the sound of a gentle Kiss from waves caress to the beach when the ocean is in slumber.

I do this to a lot of landscape or nature photos rather it be mountain ranges or city and community buildings, Farms, and my favorite is old ruins and thing that is old and unique. It is fun to me to try to imagine what they were used For and the folks using them.

I some times I might even be thinking about how Romantic it would be to make love to Mick in an with just us there. :)

Some photos are just fun to look at and enjoy with out much thought. they are just amazing catches from many observations.

I suppose My Sex fantasy might come from the location more so than looking a nude body.

I also Commented on Nu-die's blog. I love the comparison to a person's life to a rose ...bud to dropping buds.

The one thing is, A photo is a milli-second of time captured by a
camera lens. It never grows old or changes. It was a captured moment that will stay the same. When you look at it, no matter how old you get, that memory of that moment will bring back all 5 senses you enjoyed when you took the photo.

Young or old we change, the world changes, nature changes. That captured Milli-second will remain the same. So take a photo, enjoy it forever.

Ok, one last thing.

I have and have had folks the "Proper English/Grammar/Punctuation type" telling me the issues they have with me Via private comments and messages. They ask me why I space so much between sentences and thoughts instead of writing "Proper paragraphs"? telling me I needed to change my ignorant uneducated Hillbilly rambling and pretty well quit blogging.

My first comment about the folks that sent those messages......You can Kiss my Hillbilly/Hick Chick uneducated ignorant ASS. Probably be the first Kiss you had that was not named Rover or spot or Fido.

My second comment is I am A Hick Chick, Hillbilly or what ever and I am damn Proud of it. I love who I am and I don't spend time trying to be some one else I am not. My friends and family love me so why would I want to try being who I am not?

Third comment.....I skip a lot of spaces between sentences and thoughts to make it easier for me to read. I hate reading long, well not hate but, long blogs or messages that are all one big long paragraph, it is hard for me too read and keep my place. . I love spacing. lolz

Maybe other folks like me that finds it easier to read.

So I say unto you.....Hick Chick Deluxe NOW, Tomorrow and forever.

Ok I am done for this blog.

I love all you fine NN Folks and have a great week!

AS always............

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"You are a new Mommy. We can understand that the wee one is first and foremost the most important. I love each and every word that you write. I can visualize exactly who you are in them. Plus, I enjoy that you break up the paragraphs....hmmm...much like I

Hugs to you lil sis!"
- tight_wet_lips

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