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Friday, January 23, 2015, 11:52:33 PM- yada yada yada
Hiya my sweet nn friends, I love ya !
I did my soap box / releasing of emotions, griping blog and I am back to normal ….lolz.

I was so frustrated at some things and it started with the Packers and their bone head last 5 minutes in that game. They were leading 19 to 7 with 5 minutes left and went in to da to da zone. They intercept the ball and why the bone head slides to the ground at midfield instead of running it back is beyond my brain. They run three running plays for minus 8 yards.
The Seahawks run 4 or 5 plays and score the Lead is 19 to 14 with less than 2 minutes left. Seahawks kick and onside kick….some bone head that suppose to be blocking tries to catch the kick with his face….epic fail Seahawks get the ball back. 3 or 4 plays they score……20 to 19 Seattle. They go for two, Wilson is run back and back and back he throws a pop Fly up in the air…….11 defenders and no one even comes close to catching it except the Seattle player….Fail Mary II ….are you kidding me?......22 to 19 Seattle.

Packers get the ball and they let Aaron throw the ball this time to their big receivers, yup they drive it down and tie it up 22 all. They had two series where the coach made them run the ball and had nothing and had to punt. C’mon man you have two 1000 yard receivers, the best passing QB in the League and you run the ball 6 times for minus yardage?

The Packers lost this game because of bad coaching and a bone head that decided not to do what he was suppose to do on the onside kick.
My view…The packers were out coached. The packers has been that way for years, build up a big lead to see it come down to the last minutes because the Coach plays not to lose instead of finish it. Seattle plays 60 minutes and their coach plays to finish.

That is the Hick Chicks View of the Game…..I think the coaches and the bone head on-side kick play is why Green Bay is not playing the Cheaters from New England in the Super Bowl.
De-flation gate? Somebody is lying! They check both teams’ footballs at half time and well colts footballs are all as should be and 11 out of 12 of New England are 2 lbs low? Gawd, sports guys are the biggest liars on the planet. Brady and the coach lye to try to save face. Do they really think us fans believe them footballs mysteriously lost 2 lbs? I don’t see where it made any difference in the outcome of the game because they did more passing in

the second half than the first and scored what 21 points after the balls had been made right. The bad thing is ….they cheated! Seems that New England is good at cheating and I will never respect the team, coaches or players. They are cheaters, no matter how good they are.

Even though the Seahawks beat our Packers I will be for them because they won fair and square and didn’t cheat they played to the end and won, I respect that. They didn’t cheat! They won because they fought to the end……..

It is snowing to beat 90 here, we are hoping to get enough to 4 wheeling and do some snow tubing. Little sis is here and we got our snow gear and fire ready if we get enough snow 

Yawl know I became an instant Arianna Grande Fan she is great.
Did I tell you that my lil sis told me that Arianna Grande was Cat in the Disney show Sam and Cat?
Still trying to wrap my brain around that…lolz

Take care have fun and keep my smile as a friends love for you. 

Ok enuff for now chat you all lata

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.....
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"foe the record. I was so hoping green bay would pull it off . things did turn to shit for them very quickly."
- zonker14

Friday, January 23, 2015, 3:32:54 AM- More rambling
Hi all my NN friends time for my sarcastic blog.
Sometimes I get so annoyed at people trying to be all that and bag of chips.

I love the real folks on here chatting and posting their life and letting us live a moment in their words and photos of the life they have around them. I love to hear about their lives and countries and see their landscape from their eyes and description.
One new lady on here….very beautiful and sexy I will admit ….seems to have the same back ground in her photos (not hollering Fake) but variety is kinda convincing, and never bothered to verify herself to being real, yet I see her on the front page almost every day. I am not sure who what qualifies you for the front page, but I think verification should be one of them. I have had the privilege of being there for mmm bout 6 hours being a feature girl of the day and profile girl for maybe 12 hours on the front page. I been her for over 7 years as well as many other classy ladies, twl , whisper, kricket, and many others . I just have issues with NN letting and posting photos of newbie’s over the fine ladies that have supported this site for years.
TWL has been here and supported this site for over 10 years, she is beautiful and has supported this site with blog challenges and fun and …………where is she on the front page?........................don’t see her do you ? Nope Nn would rather post some tart we all suspect is fake instead of a true woman like TWL on the front page to sell tickets so to speak.

Ok I will get down off my soap box and go quietly to the side line. I just feel some time we older members should voice an opinion, right or wrong I just feel, just doing it is my right.

I know all my long time friends know I am talking from my heart not anything more or less.

I love all my friends and I hope you see what I am saying.

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.....
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"I must say....I was a lurker for many years but only sought verified members...the "appeal" to this site is the authenticity."
- Jener

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 12:22:20 AM- Hate to mention it..............
My Green Bay Packers are in the championship game. I don't want to hear about the non catch it is what it was and the cowboys had 60 minutes to stop the Packers........They didn't so deal with it.

Dallas had 4 minutes to get the ball back and score but....they didn't.

Dez Bryant...the same punk that would not carry or participate in his Rookie day with the Cowboys, he thought he was too good to do what other Rookies did. He tried to get all teary and make me feel sorry ? No way! He should have been learning the rules instead of stiffing Jewelry stores for mega bucks.

I felt sorry for Romo, I like him. He is a warrior and a great QB I felt sorry for him. He, Dez is just like that other 88 on Dallas they are all mouth and I don't care for either one of them.

with 4 minutes left even if diva Bryant had scored ...That Bad Bad Bad man Rogers still had 4 minutes to go down and get a field goal for a win .. was a good game win lose or draw it was fun to watch.

Seattle....and the Packers? I don't see Green Bay doing to well in this one they are awesome and there is only so much our one legged QB can do. Russel Wilson is awesome I just hope they don't skunk the packers.

My Kentucky Wildcats are still number 1 college in Basketball. They are 15 and 0. They have barely won the last two games against stinkers, no way they are going undefeated. I just hope they can get their stuff together and win most of the ones left to play.

so ok I am rambling be good , be kind and love your mate.

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.....
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"talk about a mess...i though mcaurthy really blew it. i was SOO rooting for rodgers, he is such a great player and a class act. and like MANY players in football...the running back from the hawks (no i won;t mention his name...asshole) good player, but he is a fucking thug!! go grab your junk at home!"
- ltdan

Monday, January 12, 2015, 11:45:18 PM- God made Girls
A new song from RaeLynn .....cute song

Faith Ann your Nn country VJ :)

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- Ellefoxie

Sunday, January 11, 2015, 5:08:50 AM- Another one from your NN VJ Shake it off!
yup yup I am a die hard swiftie.....

Love lil taylor :)
yup me Faith
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"Hmmm Taylor has a sexy side! :)"
- nudiebare

Sunday, January 11, 2015, 4:42:30 AM- Anaconda for the men!
here is one for you guys :) lolz

Your fav VJ Faith lolz

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.....
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"your dance video was like this bahaha"
- elkum

Friday, January 09, 2015, 12:39:00 AM- Girl Crush!
ok 4 times now I have tried to write this friggen Blog NN you are sucking every time I back space or correct my spelling you delete my whole is a constant problem with NN, tonight my wits are not patient.

I had a nice blog for my friend at work now I am so pissed I am not into he mood to write.

Great song and suites her situation for her problem, to frigging bad NN screwed my whole explanation of it up 4 times.

One great song

Brand new "Little big town song"

Girl Crush:

I ask Mick and yea too bad NN deleted his answer to this one too.

I am tired of Fighting Nn's lack of text or writing text issues, for my man Mick after his answer to me getting deleted 4 times, I am tired of writing it over and over this is what I sent to Mick.

I ask him if I was a good wife and he says Faith I like doing what you like that makes him happy.

This Song for my man he is the best man ever:))

I love it

I love you all have Faith take hope and work hard on your life!

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.....

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"The thing is if I back space some times or delete a word I spelled wrong NN deletes my whole blog and sticks me on some other page or the join the site page. If they get their shit together with Pay-pal in the Usa I would be a member. I have said that 50 times. My bank want allow a out-of-country transaction with out me going done there and releasing the money for it. Ok , I love this site but I am not going to the bank and asking to release money for a porn site . NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I have Pay Pal for that reason.

I have been having to us Micro word to write my blogs then copy and paste, I guess I will have to go back to doing that so I only have to write it once."
- Hick Chick Deluxe

Monday, January 05, 2015, 11:15:58 PM- OH! My Gawd ! and a moment of silence.....
First of all a moment of silence and reflection for Stuart Scott.

Not because he was a ESPN sports announcer, but because he was a Cancer survivor, a lover of life and his two children. He never let Race, sports, or even the normal sports caster mold keep him from being himself. He was a true gentleman. RIP Stuart you was a true man of men.

OK now get this my NN friends......your car can be Hacked! there is cases in Texas and California where auto shops are hiring Hackers to get into your GM on board computers and turn on failures and repair lights to make money repairing them by simply turning off the warnings.

They can control your car and even shut the motor down,turn off all sorts of systems, even your brakes. They can open your doors and start your engine. According to Noris Anti-virus they can take your car that has been sold that has a after market device, such as a global position device or the GM device, even after you sell the auto can find where you live because your phone (Bluetooth) has not been deleted .They can find you on Face book and find out when your on vacation or not home if you post it.

So my point is be careful my friends what you post online. I know this for most is useless info, but I felt something you should know.

Be careful and aware and be Stealth.

love you all :)

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.................

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"RIP were a great guy"
- Shyguy1976

Saturday, January 03, 2015, 12:47:32 AM- 7 years of the Hick Chick

Go ahead, go get you Pizza done and your pop corn and drinks this is my 7 years of reminiscing on NN blog.

I just went back and was reading my blogs on here from like 2010 and the ones not on here I copied to my files before I deleted them from here. Gawd I cannot believe my thoughts then, nearly 7 years ago too now.

When I joined this site I was a 20 year old virgin with so many thoughts and Questions. I had grew up with my little brother and a drug attic mom living I motels and where ever my birth mom landed us. I can remember sharing a can of Vienna sausage and a pack of Tom’s crackers with lil bro to hold us all day. I was confused and if not for my little brother would have probably been used for drug money for my mom. I wrote a few accounts of what happen on my early blogs, but they are not on here anymore. Some of my older friends on here might recall the blogs.

My salvation was when we ended up in a duplex beside Eric and Tina (my adopted mom and Dad) . My mom was going to give me to some nasty guy for drug money and my little brother litery threw his body into harm’s way for me. It give me time to run next door to Tina and Eric and Eric took over from there. They went to jail I moved in with Tina and Eric and Lil bro went to granny’s and the rest is history.

Tina was pregnant with my lil sis, so I got to be there and seen how real loving Parents took care of their children. Tina and Eric took me in and after time they adopted me as their own. People freak because Tina was only 7 years older than me. She always treated me more like a little sister than a child, but folks were like “she is your Mom?” LOLz we loved it. Eric not much older was very stern but, always fair and loving with me.

Any ways for you that didn’t know that is kinda my early life. When I came on here yea I was a 20 year old Virgin the whole thing with my mom totally had turned me off with sex. NN and some of the folks on here helped me realize my body and Sex was not a Bad thing. Yea, I had to deal with the weirdoes on here, I met some really nice women and men on here that mean a lot to me to this day. Sorry guys but at that time of my life I trusted the older women way more than any guys. They give me some great advice along with Tina and I came out of my shell. Kinda…lolz

I have been on here and shared my feelings and thoughts, my first boyfriend, my first sex, my first marriage proposal. Ok, yea it was Mick but, I was not ready at the time. A year later I accepted and could not be happier Mick is a great man and husband and now a daddy. We love each other and had a very, very hard time having a baby, due to my body. He stuck by my side and we both left it up to God to give us our little Bella. She turned one Dec 30th and there is nothing that I can say is greater than the little smiling face of our child. I love being her Mom. I like most moms want to give her everything ,I never had . Thank you God for Bella and thank you for Tina and Eric and most of all thank you for my Husband Mick.

Ok , here is my list of some of the Best of your Hick Chick Deluxe over the past 4 years.
I am not sure the links will work but I put page numbers on My Blogs where they are located …I think lolz

3rd annual night before Christmas page 38

Mid night naked ride page 36

Doors page 36

Holes page 19

Some Hick Chick photos fun and teasing page 18

Hick Chick Mambo Page 18

Alaskan cruise page 38

Faith in wonderland page 17

Hick Chick Mambo #5 page 18


Bootie shaking page 36

Snow ride

Winter ice storm

Just fun stuff:

My most commented blog ever page 33 named “per request” 43 comments

We punked Josh and Mick…page 30 named “our plans worked”

Me and Heather kissing and the Green Bay trip page 20

Some of my friends through the years some still on some not:


Anony’miss’ shelly beans….one of my best friends on here we were two peas in a pod I miss my Shelly so much

Shazzy …aka Sharon….Sharon you and Shelly were my best friends I miss you so much too.

Auntie Star..aka Donna….my auntie from Canada mean so much too me and what you have taught me on here. Bella is still packing that Blanket you sent her from there it will always be with us I love you.

Auntie whispermyname….aka… Julie….well a little secrete her name is Julie Ann…thus a part of my little girls name AnnastarBella , Anna after Whisper Star after her auntie star and Bella a family name and Jayde after my little sis

Ley-DD …ok ok you’re not an old friend but one of the sweetest folks I know

Tight _wet_lips…. aka TWL …my big sis ….I love you so much sis. We got to be sister by another mister lolz

Jersey –girl ..we had so many good times in chat….aka Oxy

Sammie Alice ..Great friend I miss you

Whokens ….. So dear to , once again to you my salute to you my dear friend Paul……page 17 …”IF” by Bread , you are the definition of a true friend that I trust and believe in. Your photo’s fram a moment in time and a piece of you that if we look close, can see your thoughts and the beauty you see in our world we never could see.

Krickett 187…aka Krick….so many years Krick we both have changed so much and our lives so different yet the same in some sense. I know I got on your last nerve some times, but gurl I love you. I am so proud to know you and watch you grab life and make it your own. I hope you know I respect you so much and would love to have a soda and burger with you some day!

Shotguns and tattoos….aka Meanie lolz….we feuded on some of original blogs that’s not on here over everything, I loved it! You changed ya name as often as you changed your underwear… I hear lolz….we had some great discussions and blog exchanges. No one knew us back then but, we became good friends through the years and I cherish our exchanges my friend. Thank you for so much chat back then and I would say Krick got her a great man. I was so happy when you two got together.

Last but not Least…….Mr NN himself….Mr Nn I have been hard on you for umm ok 5 or so years. I can only say gawd you are a patient man lolz. I had a hard time getting to you, but when I did,you took care of my problems…change my name…. I want to apologize for my aggravation and messages I sent. When I step back and looked at everything and the fact you took care of my request….what other web site owner would take the time to even do that, must less private me and ask questions to resolve my problem? None! The NN site is the best and Mr NN you are Da bomb !! Thank you for NN and thank you for your understanding and Kindness.

Some of my great friends I miss some still are on here, I have many new friends that I did not mention and I love you all too, I just want to bring back some of my old friends that has been friends to me for over 5 years.:

Pappy redux
UK Peeping Tom

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.......................................
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"Ahem.....u've been smoking my tailpipe for quite a few years chica! Lol!"
- Heavy Chevy

Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 3:39:28 PM- Today is the Day!
Happy Birthday to Annastarbella Jayde! Our little Hick Peep turns the big one year old today!

As I mentioned in a earlier Blog it was going to be hard to follow Christmas with her a Birthday Party. So we are going to take her outside and take a 4 wheeler Ride in the woods and see some Nature and start a tradition to follow every year.

Mick is packing our gear on our 4 wheeler and borrowed another 4 wheeler so all 3 of us could ride together. We may have another couple going we are waiting to hear from them.

Our plan is to ride the paths and trails, stopping when ever we see something to show Bella. We will stop and make a mini little camp and have a lunch/Picnic,then ride another hour or so depending on the time of day and Bella.

I think this will offset having her a party this close after Christmas and I hope we all enjoy it.

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope this new year will bring you peace and love.

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on and on and on!!

Faith out.......................................
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Most Recent Comment:
"Happy birthday you our gorgeous little Star...lots of hugs Auntie Whisper xxxxxx"
- Whispermyname

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