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Saturday, July 26, 2014, 6:05:42 PM- A rambling on and on Blog :)
Hi all my sweet sexy,inventive naked friends.

I hope you all are doing well, and loving well.

Mick and I taking time off from projects for a few weeks and then we were going to try to build a porch Swing.

A friend of my Mom's had a child with MD at birth. He pasted away recently at the age of 39. His mother had a little Radio Flyer wagon (Wood Country version). She pulled him around the yard in it sitting inside in a little car seat until he was to big to fit. She ask if we could repair the bottom it was all buckled up almost rotten and then refinish and paint it.

We could not say no, we could see how much it meant to her. So we will start on in a week or so.

Foe us Non Nude Posters......

I know this is a nude site and 95% of the folks like to post and view nude photos and Videos. I have no issue with that. Mick and I might even take a peek occasional. I have posted some fairly nude photos as well. I think it is great folks can be open and expressive with their body and sexual desires.

I however do post mostly clothed photos which is my choice. There is a lot of folks like me that post like-wise. I think Sexy comes dressed as well as nude. The comments under our photos seem to confirm some people like nice clothed photos as well as nude.

My Point is: Don't tell me or criticize us folks that have different taste in posting and tell us to post nude or get off the site. If you don't like it....Don't look!

Giving bad comments as you can see on blogs and photos don't bother me. Telling me to post what you as individual want to see or get off the site.... You will make me get my ...redneck on! LOLZ Get over your self!

OK, after saying all that I think Mr.NN made what I think is one of the best additions to this site for us non-nude posters ever.

He added a non-nude photo site to post non nudes, nature photos, vacation and party photos, art work basically any thing but nude photos.

I you have not been to there yet you are missing some very talented photographers, artist and photos magnificent photos of nature, land scapes from all over world you would never see in a life time.

There is photos of Pets, wild animals caught doing what they do, and photos of projects people are working on. There is lots of old cars and trucks and some race cars. A little bit of every thing.

How to get there?

If you look up at the very very top right side this page you will see in white test (Free photo Hosting). Just click on that it will take you right to the first Photo page. The photo pages look almost like the NN photo page so its easy to navigate.

It is free to look at the photos, just click on the pics. If you want to view videos or post you have to sign up.

It is also Free and takes about 3 minutes, just put in a screen name and a password. BOOM your a member. I used my same name as on here but some pick names to be more private from NN.

I have used it to make it easy to post blog pics, and I have posted some older pics and the Ice Storm video from a couple years back.

I caught MR NN in Status last night or the night before, and thanked him so much for the addition of Allombo. He said welcome Hick and just keep posting, posting, posting. He actually made a comment on my Ice storm Video :) Well kinda he said Brrrrr lolz.

To every one... He said Go back in your archives and see if you some interesting photos you would like to share on there post post post lolz.

ok I am done with all that now :)

I know most folks don't watch the Videos but, I could my self on these. Then again some folks do and let me for all of you that do......give them a listen, for the ones of you that dont.....make exception please....muwahhh kisses in advance.

HERE WE Go..........

For all you dedicated Beer drinkers ..check these two video's out
especially the last by Buddie Brown!

Eric Church.....original Artist
Cold One

Same song but by Buddy Brown ....
This is funny you true beer drinkers have to see this version.

Go ahead laugh and smile, You know you want too :)

I like picking new and up coming artist. I have picked two or three in the past. This is my next artist of interest. Maddie & Tae are both 18 years old and could be great.

The bad part is the cracked on 4 of the biggest male singers in country Music in this song. They were Playfully with it and you have to listen to the words close to pick up the cracks. lolz

I love this song! Might be my theme song of the summer!

If you like country girls Raise your beer glasses and bottles!

If you don't......Raise your Standards!

Maddie & Tae

"Girl in a Country Song"

<<<<<< Checking her Sugar shaker :

Thank you for reading and watching some of my favorite Videos of the week.

I love you all:)

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"its a good trait to learn i have used it many times fixing and building things around the farm"
- elkum

Thursday, July 17, 2014, 5:30:05 PM- Bird house and crawling
Hi All My Sweet sexy NN friends.

I have got behind again on my blogs. I have came in to the world of the beginning of crawling and pulling up on stuff. I use to could put Bella down and she stayed there, now I look up and she is gone lolz.

We went on a camping trip last week with tents and fires and I can say ............give me an air conditioned room with cable LOLZ. It was fun though we all had so much fun. We fished, or they did I kinda did. I like the fake baits though the live wiggly stuff and crickets not so much. I don't mind handling them I just hate killing them.

We finished our Bird house project and it turned out ok.

Here is some photos of the progression.

This is a photo I had on the last blog just before the roof was completed.

This is a photo after the roof and bird house was completed.

This photo is after we mounted it on the stand and put the first coat of clear coating on.

This is photo with our cedar root wads roped on to get an idea where wanted to attach them.

We combed the woods for these cedar roots and trees. We chose these because of the roots, seasoned cedar, and the have not any saw marks on them. They are trees that did not survive the ice storm a few years back. All the limbs are spit and broke and we left them that way. No saw marks on any of those, all natural.

We tried to make it look like the little bird house was being held up by the three cedar trees like you would hold it in the palm of your hand. The Pipe holding it up kinda takes away from that, but it is the main support even though all three of the cedar trees and roots are secured to it by screws.

The two holes are surrounded by an Oak slice that I wanted there it just looked kewl to me, Mick didn't like them, he said they made it look like big Owl eyes LOLZ.

Each bird entry is isolated from each other and gives two little bird families private homes.

We know it looks funny maybe weird but, we made what we wanted and are satisfied with it.

This is a photo of the finished product. All the cedar is attached and every thing including the cedar has like 3 coats of clear finish sealing it.

And this photo includes the bird feeders we rebuilt. The older couple left like 7 bird feeders that had well lived their life and some was rotten and we took all the good parts and made four and put them on the four feeder pedestal the old man made. pretty good idea he had you can take a ladder and fill them with seed as you spin them around. I have some good photos of the big Red Kentucky Cardinal on it but I will post the birds on another Blog.

These photos can be seen on this sites free photo site also.
I love you all and hope you have Peace and enjoyment in your life.

Personal Note:
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart Nudie. Your a great person and I love your thoughtfulness. :)

I love you all:)

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"It's nice that you've built the birdhouse. It's a really nice one and you've obviously taken a lot of care.

I love that your pics show some of your surroundings. the shed and fence etc. It gives the blog a really personal feel seeing what you see."
- nudiebare

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 6:47:04 PM- Another Long azz Blog
Hi all My sexy sweet NN friends.

Just another long as blog…but, I have Photos for yawl….No Not naked pics of me , but some projects Mick and I have been doing this summer as per request from Whokie and Guit. I hope the rest of you like them too. It is something Mick and I like doing together which makes it more fun for us.

To answer the Question from the comments why did I ask about Tan Lines?

Mostly just curious, in chat and status everyone is asking about shaved, trimmed or hairy vagas. I keep hearing about tan lines and I was just curious what folks thought about them. No one ever ask, just made comments about them. So I ask.

Steps up my Soap Box.

I saw where one of my friends went off on status about folks posting on here wearing clothes. They made several comments about this being a nude site and if you’re going to post you should post naked or go away. I respect the person’s opinion.

I will point out this site gives you an open invitation to post nude, personal porn, or what we want to post with in the guide lines. I never saw in those guide lines anything about clothed photos. I have posted nude photos with the exception of showing my Vaga ,which I will never show. I show my face and share mostly clothed photos. I will challenge you, my friend to the “views” of my clothed photos to your nude ones! Seems many others have a different view of nude photos than you. There is more too being sexy than showing your naked body.

We all use this site for our own reasons. I think it is narrow minded to criticize others for how they use this site. I love it and I have had fun on here for over 7 years being who I am “clothed”. I don’t need to hear I need to be naked to be on here. I love to chat and blog and flirt a little, being naked is not my objective on here, it is my choice. This site is, and has been fun for a lot of folks all over the world to communicate and find friends.

Not everyone wants or does browse photos to masturbate too. Some of us have great sex at home and never need to check out photos to have sex. The thing is if you need that kinda thing it is great that NN gives you photos and vids to look at for your pleasure. I think it is great that folks can openly do that on here. However don’t tell me I have to post nude for your pleasure if I post. I don’t tell you what to post or criticize what you post, so don’t even try to tell me what I should post. If you don’t like my clothed photos…….Then just don’t look! I will Follow my Arrow……..My flight is clear to me.

Ok now for the important stuff LOLZ.

Whokie, Guit and couple others wanted to see Mick and My projects. I am trying out the NN photo sharing site Allombo to see if I can link too it. Might take me a couple tries to see if I have to use IMG or URL to get the photos on here.
Our first Project is my little sis’s Wagon. Mick had the broken parts welded up and we kinda give it a face lift. Lil Sis wanted it John Deere Green so we made it happen.

The wagon before Mick had all the broke parts welded and the paint stripped.

My little Sis wanted it painted John Deere Green and yellow so, here is the tub painted.

The frame and yellow parts lolz

Finished project

The other one was a bit blurry this one might be better of the finished project again.

This is a photo of our next Project we are working on. We are building a Bird house.

Just like those commercials and if you act today there is MORE…….haahaha

I know most of you hate watching videos off a blog, but this just a sound tract from Crossroads from CMT. They take country stars and hook them up with rock stars and they sing together. This one was from the performance of Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves doing the song “Follow Your Arrow” which kinda puts a point to my Soap Box Rant and probably relates to most of us on here.

Follow your Arrow

I love you all:)

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

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Most Recent Comment:
"yup jesy you are correct . it is easier to make friends than sex partners."
- Hick Chick Deluxe

Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 1:44:01 AM- It is officially Summer!
Hi all My sweet NN Friends.

Mick has took up building Birds Houses.........and I help,,,,hahaha

It has been fun on this first one. I hope I can post it on my blog when we get it completed. He build a couple quickies for out friends, but the one hi is working on now is gonna be awesome I hope.

I like it because I can help do little things and help design and build them. It's some thing we can do together While Bella watches in the shade.

Question for yawl?

Do you like Tan lines? Why or why not?

Me......I can both ways. I like my body being one color with no tan lines. I think guys look and see no tan lines they know I tan in the nude in the sun and it makes them a little interested.

I see tan lines on people, and you see the white parts it is kinda sexy. The white parts make you think you are seeing parts they keep covered and private. If you see that white hiny of a man or woman you know your seeing something private they only let special people see :).

what do you think?

OH OH OH great job on the TWL Blog challenge all of you :)

I love you all:)

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

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Most Recent Comment:
"I love the tan lines....the tummy lines ....all the lovlies here"
- bodymaster4u2

Friday, June 20, 2014, 12:20:36 PM- It's Hott Don!
Hi All !

YUP it is Hott here, it's been 95 degrees F Plus all week. It was right at 100 F yesterday. The heat is excellent for swimming but, too hot for anything else for sure.

The pool water is like 85 degrees, which makes it perfect for swimming at night. Heather and Josh are coming over tonight to swim and party.

Believe it or not I have not spent a single night away from Bella since she was born. Mom keeps harping on me to let her keep her overnight so she won't be a problem later when she has to be away from home overnight. So long story short.....Mom is keeping Bella tonight, and Heather's mom is keeping her baby so we can have a kinda adult night.

It should be a great night for us. We invited another couple down too so we might get all krazy who knows....:)

My Blogs....

As you my friends probably can see I am not writing as many blogs. It is not because I have lost interest in NN. I feel every thing I say revolves around Bella now as my world too. Being this is a nude / Sex site most folks are not interested in my life about my baby and me. I truly understand so I slowed down on my blog post.

I just can't write a blog with out mentioning her so I decided to just limit my blogs. My Auntie's and old friends welcome the updates on her :)

Long story short, I love this site and will be here, maybe not as much as before. You make friends on here and it would be hard to to not here from them and make sure they are ok. I will be here just in a lower profile.

I love you all!

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
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Most Recent Comment:
"says you happens...that is what is interesting......I love the sex stuff that that is out of the way life can be fun too"
- bodymaster4u2

Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 6:23:37 AM- Happy Fathers Day Week!
Hi all my Sweet Sexy NN Friends.

I hope this post finds you all well and healthy.

I wish I had more time to read and look at your blogs and messages and comment or just holla back at cha.

I have been busy, busy, and busy. Working at home is a good/bad thing as Bella gets older. I have to split all day working and attending to her as she becomes more active now it seems. I love to be where I can be with her although; I really don’t want to have her in a Day-Care. All and all everything is good. I either do my company work or sleep while she taking her nap.

We have been outside a lot cleaning and doing yard work …planting bushes, flowers, and a few little baby trees.

Our Family Tree

My mom’s (Tina) dad planted a little Maple tree right after she was born. They took a photo of mom by the tree………it was like a 12 inches tall with one leaf on it. LOLZ They took a photo every year of mom by the tree. They took a photo on her first day of kindergarten and on the first day school every year through her last year of college. Some years on the first day of school they would add to it like her first car, her cap and gown, and such. Mom had her and dad’s photo under the tree after they were married and with little after she was born and every year. I was added after they adopted me and then Mick after we were married. NOW……it’s time for Bella to join the Family Tree photos.

Mom’s Dad give her and Eric a little potted Maple for their yard and they have taken photos every year with it and followed tradition taking a photo of little sis every year on the first day of school. We take family photos every year in front of it too.

The original Family tree has gone from the little leaf to about 60 feet tall and two foot in diameter. Dad and moms is about thirty feet tall and big around as a soccer ball. Last year dad took some of the twirlie- birds (seeds) off it and potted about eight of them. Six of them lived and he gives us three of them.

All that to say this…….We planted our own Family Maple From the original Family Maple and took a photo of Bella by it and one with all three of us.

That’s about it for now.

I hope you all have a great week and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads.

I love you all!

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

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Most Recent Comment:
- Whispermyname

Friday, May 30, 2014, 4:33:04 AM- Sorry :(
I put my foot in my mouth again.
I meant it to some of the folks in Status and ended up hurting the feelings of some of older friends.

As per the Blog:

As usual I seem to stick my foot in my mouth , nudie, B&B guy, and Shy I should have separated my 60 year old friends from the folks I was talking about in Status. I have lots of 60 plus friends I chat with and consider them dear friends. The folks in status I was referring to has nothing better to do than repeat rules and look for fake pics and such. There is some very sweet fun older folks I enjoy in there. Sorry I should have been more specific than grouping all. Forgive me.

It was towards head hunters in status of fakes and fake pics. Toward folks that just was in there to repeat rules. I did not mean it to the folks any age that was in there to actually chat and talk about anything.

I do appreciate your comments B&B and Nudie and Shy. I do not consider you in that group of the catchers in the Rye.

My point if one, there is folks that just sit in there looking at photos and profiles just to bust them out. They don’t chat or talk when you respond to them unless it is about busting someone out or if you ask them a NN Tech Question. I guess the latter is a good thing.

So Bottom line if you are 60 ya still got my love. I love talking to you and learning so many things. You all are a wealth of friendship and knowledge. This site to me would not be the same with out yawl.

So, I am sorry if you were offended, I just was not clear about my thoughts. When ya blog a lot some times that happens. I try to come back and apologize when I do offend folks. I am not anywhere near perfect, but I do understand people’s feelings or try too.

Otherwise .....Mick, Bella and I spent the week end down at the Lake at the cabin with our family and friends. It was a fun to get out I had got cabin fever at home. Mom and I took turns keeping Bella back at the cabin, no way I was taking her out on the pontoon boat. I have to say 3 day travel is a lot more harder now. I put Mick and I clothes in the Diaper Bag, and used the big luggage with the wheels and handle to take Bella's hardwear and supplies.....LOLZ Amazing how someone that small needs so much eh? hahahah

Once again....

I am so Sorry

Forgive me And I do love you All.

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

Viewers Comments (10):
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Most Recent Comment:
"There is not need to apologize, Faith! I knew what you meant. I was just being facetious! There isn't much you could do to piss me off. I'd love ya anyway!"
- B&B_Guy

Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 3:44:32 AM- rambing again
Am I too young for this site?

I am 26 and I feel like in status and chat I am like out of place anymore.

People ignore my comments and if I do a status it is like no one understands and ignores me.

Yea I spend little time on here now days. no one actually talks any more people want fantasy instead of real chat .

So, yea I am more about real talk not some BS fantasy we both know that will never happen.

I get so outrageous with guys that are all about asking me about my family life and my baby then ask me am i free for some fun aka cyber...knowing I don't do think I don't see threw your your BS?

I have so many female friends that know after having a baby how life is two Aunties know who you are I love you ....I want do names cause there is so many that give me love and advice in private you know who you are.

There is many men older and younger that show me love with out the need for BS cyber just friendship. I want name names here either. I will say one of my favs would rather have a new lenze for a his camera than notice from a princess :)

I am not leaving NN I am just saying I need to find people to chat with besides the 60 year old folks in Status.....they either want to bust out bogus posters or just bitch about it, or the guys posing to be females wanting stupid sex.

OK, yea I am a new mother I have new views, I love this site. Just wish I had folks to talk to besides 60 year old men and women with power issues in a chat forum.

I don't look at photos in the photo galleries ,they are moot to me.

I talk to folks , that where I find them real or BS.

I get so tired with status filled with chat about real or not real it is moot and wasted time!

I suppose that's what some of you do.

NN is what it is.

use it to connect, or chat , make ,connections or friendships.

Use it to make fake connections.

Use it to make life times friendships.

Bottom line, chose carefully.

I do love all my true friends

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

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Most Recent Comment:
"Oh sweety...I know what you are saying and I adore your honesty...I love you sweety and our little Bella xxx"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 3:10:50 PM- HI All
I hope all my sweet NN friends are doing well and happy!

I been busy doing yard work and other outside activities in my spare time, so I have not blogged to much lately.

We are all doing well. Bella will be 5 months old June 29, seems like she was just born yesterday lolz. It is so amazing living all her new adventures and objects through her little eyes and emotions.

I am going to have to catch up on everyone's blogs.

Just when you thought you got enough of the Fox.......

Now we have......what does the farmer say......
Good for a laugh!

Thank you all for being great Friends.

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......

Viewers Comments (9):
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Most Recent Comment:
"For some reason, children make time fly.

seems like just yesterday i was holding my little girl when she was 3 days old so my wife could get some rest. i held her all night and couldn't take my eyes off the lill thing. now i have 3 grandchildren, 9 6 and 4.

they say time flies when you're having fun, so maybe thats why.

watching them grow and discover is just enthralling! :)"
- nudiebare

Sunday, May 11, 2014, 5:21:35 AM- Have a great day !

Happy Mothers Day !

Often imitated, but never duplicated
The one and only Hick Chick Deluxe

Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust "Poof" The magic goes on!

Faith out.......
Viewers Comments (8):
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Most Recent Comment:
"Hope u had a happy Mothers day Faith :) xx"
- Shyguy1976

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