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Thursday, August 9, 2012, 1:34:39 AM-
Not a word from anyone here in a month.
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"Take TO! Puleaze!"
- BBdoubleU

Thursday, July 12, 2012, 12:59:48 AM- Play ball!
Mariners vs Texas Saturday!! Seats right above home dugout!!!
So flipping excited!
Yea, I'm a geek for my Mariners. Win or lose.

As long as the Mariners don't play the Cardinals, all is well.
If we do: it's on like donkey kong! =)

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"Ryan sucks so bad I bet against him on my own team! He can't hit the broad side of a barn!
But Felix would knock all the Cardinal batters down!!
If we did ever play, you'd be hearing nouse all the way from here! Our home would be in an uproar =)"
- BBdoubleU

Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 3:56:52 AM- Happy 4th
Oh wow!
Never knew how peaceful it was to turn off my phone for a whole weekend!

Told the parental units I had unchangeable plans, then shut off phone.

My sweet man showered me with TLC and spoiled me all weekend! Aaahhhhh wonderful!

Went into work and the people giving me grief were suddenly acting like whipped puppies. Inside I was saying "Yay!". I guess having a chat with head guy while sobbing then walking out, was a good thing---shit got changed!

Hoping y'all have a safe and happy 4th July!!
May there be fireworks IN & out of bed =)

Stay sexy!!
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"LOL Ram! So spank me!"
- BBdoubleU

Friday, June 29, 2012, 7:39:55 PM-
Oh my God!
"bad day" is an understatement.

1) antibiotic for UTI created ISSUES* grrrr. My nether regions feel like burning lava. Has taken all freaking day to get something for that. Still at dr office, but got put in a private room cuz I acted up.... WTF is someone doing prescribing something I'm allergic to ?!?!?' do when j to them to go fick themselves and walk out, the prevented it and begged me to wait a minute.... Do here I am....waiting......several minutes. If I didn't need the medical help I would so bail!

2) 17 voicemails & emails from mother "why can't we see you why can't you change plans..." yadda yadda yadda guilt trip. Seriously?! Psycho much? This is why I moved away--I had no life cuz you sucked it outta me.

3) walked into work and got shit for something I didn't do. Hell, no!! I'm not taking that crap! So when the least trustworthy mgr wanted to "chat" I took someone with me. that offended him. Greatly. Fuck that I have a right. So when they thought they'd try to discipline me over bullshit I got up and walked out. And stopped at the head dudes office on the way out. I will be back at work on Monday, and supposedly some shit is changing.
Left that to come to dr .... And well... I told ya where I'm at with that...

Just realized I haven't eaten anything but a yogurt. Hmmmmm not good for the diabetes.
Hopefully on my way soon so I can remedy that. Mmmmmm a turkey burger sounds so good right now!
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"Hope you get laid, girl!"
- chargingram

Friday, June 29, 2012, 4:52:30 AM- Caution: vent!
I need to vent.
Parental units suddenly coming into town and expect me to drop everything for them. Grrrrr
A) I am not feeling well. Saw DR today and on meds, but have a UTI. And I am exhausted and achey.
B) sexy weekend in bed already ruined by not feeling well... But he is still coming to give me TLC and pamper me.
C) don't like the guilt trips parental units try to put me on for not dropping everything for them. Fuck!! They knew they were coming, why wait till last minute to tell me?! I woulda left town!
D) now is NOT the time for mg sweet guy to meet my overbearing parents. And i don't plan on giving up an ounce of the precious time I get with him.

I guess I just need someone outside my own head to say its ok to not "jump" for them, to not have to feel bad about not seeing them.

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"Lie to them. Tell them you are leaving town or something."
- chargingram

Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 2:06:22 AM-
Spent the weekend helping friends get a nursery ready for my god-son, due in a month. Was good to get outta town for a bit.
But I missed my guy. When I got home I enjoyed the reunion :)

Tired of the rain, I'm ready for summer! Scantily clad Weather is fun :)

Chillin and doing laundry. Does it get any more domestic? LOL

How's everyone doing?
Check in!
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"Just saw your reply *spank me baby lol*"
- amancalledpony

Thursday, June 21, 2012, 1:51:17 AM-
Better day.
Started rough.
Had a little low blood sugar issue going on. Funny how my brain slows down and thinking process not in gear. Food took care of that.

Called my attorney and he took care of 1 of the problems. Thank goodness.
My other stuff no one can fix. Just gotta live thru it. No control over it. Time will smooth things over. I think.

Wish my new "friend" lived a little closer--I could use some grown up playtime tonight! =)

Nite all! I need some beauty rest.
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"glad the day got better yay"
- spicy_purr

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 1:01:49 AM-
Ever have those days when you might as well skip the coffee and go straight to the liquor?!
Today was one for me.
Nasty tempered customers!!! Shit!
(1) it's not my fault you waited till the last minute to book your 10th anniversary and I'm sold out. Geez, you had 10 yrs to plan it! Now 3 days before you need it I'm sold out and you're mad at me?!?! Fuck off!
(2) you Don't like a damn thing your bride picked out for your wedding reception? Damn. too bad. Your not the contract signer OR the one paying for it. Live with it! Talk to her-- not me!! I'd this is how your life is starting you got bigger issues than menu selections, buddy.
(3) you want to call me names?! Fine. Youre now on speakerphone and being recorded. Now that the whole office has heard your rant, you are invited to take your business elsewhere (by my superior), and suddenly I'm a fucking whore?! I'm do glad you told everyone what business you own. It will make it easier to talk about you when the tape is replayed.
(4) let me understand you correctly, federal law does not apply to
you?! Oh, that's special! However, it DOES apply to you, and all the kicking & screaming is not going to change that. It's not personal--it's the government!

Yes. Yes, I'm pissed off today. It's been a rough one.
Then I get home and have to deal with shit I shouldn't have to.
And seriously -- there are still fat hater/bullies on NN after all these years?! WTF?! If you don't like it, move on!

Fuck all this!
I'm going to Cancun!
I'll be in my hammock, nude, with a drink in my hand!

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"people hey, and good luck with the cocktails dont forget the sunscreen and pics please, huge hugs"
- spicy_purr

Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 2:39:09 AM- How to please a woman
Sexiest thing a man has done for me:
AFTER lucking my clit until I was weak from shivering, then fucking my brains out doggy style....
I woke up from my sex coma nap, to find the dishes washed.

Ladies, it's over. I found the last good man!
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"He did the fucking dishes!!!!! Geez send him south"
- amancalledpony

Friday, June 15, 2012, 6:07:25 AM-
I'm about as giddy as a girl can be.
Hanging out with a sexy, fabulous, guy that makes my knees weak!
He's so amazing.
Even likes my furry 4-legged kids.
I keep thinking "what did I do to deserve someone so good?!"

That's all. Just had to "gush"

Hope y'all are enjoying early summer and keeping it sexy !
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Most Recent Comment:
"Congrats :)"
- amancalledpony

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