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Saturday, September 26, 2015, 3:10:41 AM- putting some of the timber to good use

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"Fire is my therapy. Enjoy!"
- juicy

Friday, September 04, 2015, 3:46:42 AM- what does a lady bug symbolize?
As I usually do of an evening I drag my laptop outside. I was browsing status and a little lady bug landed on my screen. I see things as signs, so I went to see what a lady bug means. They have always been considered good luck to farmer's & gardeners but I wanted to see what else.

The ladybug is a member of the beetle family. They are found in nearly all climates. They are hemispheric in shape, have short legs and are usually bright colored with black, yellow or reddish markings. The females lay eggs.

Their life cycle requires about four weeks, so several generations are produced each summer. This cycle ties the ladybug to the energies of renewal and regeneration. Those who may have this totem are usually family oriented with strong morals and social values.

The name lady bug finds its origins in the middle ages when this beetle was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the "beetle of our lady." This name links the ladybug to spiritual ideals and religious devotion. It also holds a link to mothers.

This tiny little beetle brings with it a powerful message. Because the life cycle of the adult ladybug is short it teaches us how to release worries and enjoy our lives to the fullest. When it appears in our life it is telling us to let go

An adult ladybug can consume several thousand aphids and other scale insects within a few months. Since aphids & other insects can be harmful to crop production, farmers and growers have long considered the ladybug a good omen.

The ladybug is also one of the few beetles that are well liked by humans. Unlike other beetles, the ladybug brings a feeling of joy to us. Its small size signifies a delicate and loving nature. It portrays the energy of harmlessness.

The shell on its back protects it from predators. Its wings fold against the body serving to protect its soft underside. Ladybugs have sharp instincts and feel vibrations through their legs. This allows them to sense energy of whatever they touch and is another form of protection. In spite of the ladybug's size, it appears to be fearless.

Seen often as a messenger of promise, the ladybug reconnects us with the joy of living. Fear and joy can not co-exist. We need to release our fears and return to love - this is one of the messages that the ladybug brings to us.

Ladybug teaches us how to restore our trust and faith.

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"Such a lovely post, I learnt too from my parents to so love them , they gpbring joy to us I their little shell"
- newromantic

Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 2:37:56 AM- a little food porn
Not the best icing job in the world but thats the beauty of homemade. Chocolate bundt with buttercream. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream for those that want.

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"Mm I can almost taste it xxx"
- newromantic

Wednesday, August 05, 2015, 10:09:37 PM- the forward of my autobiography perhaps
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"thank you for the heads up!"
- tight_wet_lips

Sunday, July 05, 2015, 1:50:59 AM- well I did
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- tight_wet_lips

Sunday, June 28, 2015, 2:54:18 AM- a berry good day
After a nice round of golf, my buddy Imprelis and I stopped and picked up 20 pounds of fresh picked straight from the field strawberries. This one was in the 2nd box. I love my berries and obviously the berries love me.
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"More importantly...what did you shoot?
- VTCali

Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 11:14:49 PM- Here you go Meester Lister
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"Too funny. I forgot about this one. LOL"
- amancalledpony

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 3:11:51 AM- the little woman in the boat
Friday night is traditionally have a fast meal after work & Implrelis & I load the boat up to hit the river for some fishing. This Friday was no exception. Launched out and he reached over to start the boat & not key in the ignition. Why was there no key in the iginition? Well someone cleaned the boat the weekend before & let himself be talked into not leaving the key in the boat. *Disclaimer, again not me.Here we are being carried away by the current & no way to get the damn Johnson kicked over. I'm freaking out!!! There are paddles but I am glued to my seat & in that current I don't think we could have paddled enough to get back upstream to the ramp. Thank goodness there was another boater tied up. He towed us to the gravel bar and we tied off so someone *disclaimer NOT ME, could make the 2 miles to the house to retrieve the key. Key arrives up river we go. New fluke anchor for the boat that someone again, not me had no clue how to get it to grab. Finally figured it out, baited up and cast out. After numerous missed fish and chewed up baits we decided to call it a night. Now again the anchor comes into play, seems you have to get above the anchor for it to uncatch....go figure. Down river we go and make the bend the whole while wondering why someone was standing on one bank shining a spot on the opposite bank. Holy crap they're jockeying barges and that is the tugs beacon light we've been seeing. Can you say night blinded? Imprelis can't see so its up to me to block the beacon light from my eyes to watch the channel & the tug's movements until they see us. They do have the right away at all times this is a navigational channel. Once ww get the go ahead to come on off to the ramp we go. Load up get home. Fast forward to Saturday. No plans to fish at all after the errand day from hell that lasted from 7:45 that morning till 4pm. Wild hair kicks in at 5:30- lets load up & go throw the boat in and see if we can't catch some catfish. Get to our hidy hole and get anchored in. Within 30 minutes Imprelis has a need the large net cat- not as big as his last one, but I wouldn't throw it out of my kitchen. Pop him into the well and resume regular programming. Less than 15 minutes later its my turn. Not as big as his but a nice keeper. Boom we're done. In this state one per person over 24 inches. Plenty of daylight left to make it problem free back to the ramp. Wrong. Someone *insert disclaimer* catches the anchor rope in the blades. After enough time to where its now pushing dark we get untangled, hand pulled above the anchor and headed to the ramp. Another interesting thing about this state, liquor stores close Saturday night at 10pm. We hit the gravel next to the ramp at 9:48 & there is a boat launching out, tick tock. We got our turn drove the boat up on the trailer, strapped up and hit the package store at exactly 9:59. Sunday yielded another white drum for me but we release those. Still a few problems with the unanchoring but we'll get there. The lighter colored fish is mine. 25 long 15 1/2 around, the other 29 long & 19 3/4 around. 8.6 and 11.3 respectively. No fishing tonight, but did have some of the fish for dinner. Btw those are my size 10 feeties as a reference.

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"Bahahahaha. Been there, done that. Especially the anchor *disclaimer not me at fault* But nice looking cats. Damn that I do miss from your part of the world"
- amancalledpony

Wednesday, June 03, 2015, 4:21:03 AM- here kitty, kitty, kitty
36" long, a scrunch over 20 lbs. Caught about 5 miles from home on the Minnisoda River. Many dinners to be had.I didn't get this bad boy, Imprelis got him, I just instructed him on how to clean his first catfish.

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"that one was the best, it was the first of the season. Still have part of him in the freezer"
- 12gaugefan

Monday, June 01, 2015, 1:37:37 AM- This amuses me
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"Omg I frickin just guffawed hahahahaha"
- Whispermyname

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